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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Harsh Reality...

I will travel to your door
hand coughed
holding in between my ribs
a sun
that i want it to shine your day
and burn
for my ashes to scarcely run
in the river of your joy.

Turning into the moonlight whispers
you hopelessly stare at
for answers
and i shall fall flat
upon your every pearl of sweat
like a  Tango dancing silhouette
to tuck in your bravest fear
the one you dared courageously to tear
into my loving bed of rocks

Then i would shape into all the roses
your eyes admire
as your mighty fingers tenderly caress
then let go for the rain of yearning
to drown them in anticipation monsoon
and magically be the rhyme in all the proses
your heart mercilessly set on fire
quoting their words
in shy exposure and reasoning locks

but i would love to be this breeze
your skin shivers to
or may be this purest morning dew
crawling around your fingers
for shelter
that Nightingale whisper
delivering the night messages
to your restlessly longing heart

What if i was one day in your life
a moment, you should pass
a time you would splendidly greet
this is how my life would be complete
bringing the world at your feet
holding the time still when we meet
from beyond the sun and the moon
my dreams shape in your eyes
and i pick them
one kiss at a time
condemned on the perfect crime
riding the desperate wild Stallion of hope
across your faithful horizons of Harsh Realities.





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