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Monday, May 26, 2014


You don't call 
but i listen
you don't fall
but i hold you
you don't talk
but i hear you
and when you don't cry
i kiss all your tears away

You don't rage
but i fear
you don't wage
but i pay you
you don't hurt
but i heal you
and when you don't sing
i am nothing but your lonesome note 

You don't eat
but i feed you
you don't doubt
but i assure you
you don't expect
but i give you
and when you don't believe
i turn into your own magnificent creation 

You don't understand
but i explain
you don't suffer
but i embrace you
you don't hate
but i love you
you don't crave
but i deliver
and when you don't quiver
i shiver
every word you don't decipher
is but a truth within a lie.

All what you don't, you do
All that i do, you do
All what is written is not
and all what is unsaid is true.



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The Bizza said...

This is simply beautiful.

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