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Sunday, May 11, 2014


Tell your women all you want
love of them as much as you want
the blonde, the brunette
the redhead fire and the exotic chocolate
you and your eyes are mine
not belonging to whomever you want
enjoy with them for some time
commit with your charm 
every possible crime
as for me,
i have all your lifetime
of you what i wish and what i want
what i have they can't afford
an ecstatic verse with a wicked sword
is what i show
a burning fire in frozen snow
you still don't know
what you are in

Show your women all your heart stunts
lock them up and go for more haunts
i am coming with my lace Shackles
for your fears, tears and tongue buckles
with my hungry whip
to unleash your silence grip
with my fire balls to burn your walls
an erupting volcano of lust
you can hide all you want
but it's you that want
bold and cold
Kept and Told
Shining like a holly sinful revelation

I want you
like no man was ever wanted before
I want you
like a mad wind and an angry shore
I want you
until you would wish for nothing more
I hope you by know you now
how to dive deep
fly, madly laugh and weep
For honey, i am everything but ease
all about crazy storms
and i rise only in bleeding moonlight. 



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