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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I want to love you
more than i know how
I want to show you
who i am
just like that
I am not that little girl
not that wild woman
not that bold yet shy

wet yet dry
a million how and why
is me
She who reads your words
tuck you in with heart lullabies
when you are sleep deprived
she who plays with the butterflies of your mind
she who keeps your voice on her memory rewind
who built the tallest walls avoiding love
then your eyes destroyed them all
with a glance
I am who shall live as long as you will
who has million stories about you to tell
and smiles only with your dimples shining in her eyes

I am sorrow&joy
I am the real thing&the toy
I am the mask and the face

I am the stillness and the race
the worthless priceless
the reason of  madness
I am the none
and the wholeness
I am in you, the frightened and the fearless
the hidden for the exposed.
tell me what to do?
I don't care if i expire 
weakened body shall one day retire
but that yearning soul will never settle
you are my fate
my every mind state
you are when i long for you
around my every heart beat
within the words we meet
embraced in a verse and a sheet
let the world be my darling
you are all i want and need
for the coming lifetimes to be.   

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