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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our First Date...

You pick the place
any cafe piercing in the sea
like a poisonous arrow 
in the heart of the unknown
pick any place
i give in for the arrogant pelicans in your eyes
you win the race
between my pride and me
so just be there
within my sigh and your exhausted stare
and when it rains in my sky
i need you to hide in my wet coat
get in my burning soul for warmth
slide under my skin
arrive in my within
rise in my trembling voice  
the beggar of his echo
and sultan of his choice
pick your luckiest chance out of my fortune
immigrate like the red fish
from my eye to my eye
from my why not to your why
from my one hand to my other hand
from my upper lip to your lower lip
claim your political rights my love
of every curvy thought down to the hip
grip as you dip
all my spilled secrets 
as i raise my whip
of pleasure

Draw my face on the sheets of pain and night
before the lonely vitrines
talk to me your favorite scenes
make love to my thunder and lightening
be my safest haven and the most frightening
give me a home in your beaming craters
crucify me between your eyes 
confide in me all your lies 
baptize me with your water of roses 
drug me in your veins in regular doses
hug me tightest in all the miserable places
hold me when the whole world is watching
howl in my void like a midnight wolverine
dance with me on a random Bruce Springsteen
bleed within my wounds like an open heart 
when it rains in my sky my love
my sadness grow hands and legs
my hunger for you yells&begs
take me where you want
leave me when you wish
be the water bowl and i'll be the golden fish
start all over and never ever finish 
get me some you and just drive
by your side, i enjoy every strive
my treasure 

Love me a little
and break some road signs 
leave your hand in mine
a little
i have no maps
just a kiss and some wines
so you just go where the world ends
to where the lovers don't hide their faces
to where every street is a banquet of passion
take me to where the nights are singers and tunes
to where the poets are sea shores and sand dunes
take me to where you are yourself
pick me off your favorite book shelf
cruise in my wildest fantasy
as i roam around your every wandering ecstasy 
hold me darling, to the edge of love
Then let me fall in your arms all over again.  


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