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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Made in England...

Another afternoon
the day will wrap up soon
sunset drift
to a long night shift
All set for the meeting
old wooden stairs
large black chairs
of exhausted leather
gloomy weather
light music tunes
dreams are floating the room
chaotic silence
computer brilliance
organized files
visual effects graphics
are we done with stunts yet?
only one more hanging shot
is left
recite your lines
embed my signs
in your draft
red Tag Heuer glasses resting
on that aristocratic nose
faraway look
aspiring to an unreveiling book

an unfinished cigarette
and another one you almost lit
in a sudden hit
our eyes met
My God,you blushed!
like a daring Eve i crushed
one flirting blink
took me to wherever you think
the closer we get
the harder we split
you cracked up some jokes
bitter sweet strokes
in a dramatic swift
relevant comments
irrelevant pretends
wondering sighs
powerful tries
of hiding
within the words
you masterfully manage this flee
too real for me to even be
come on ,scream!
break a spell
smash that shell!
ah, now, back to the meeting
adjusting your thoughts
clouds of smoke are speeding
mind is sailing on an English boat
to our wireless island of pleasure
where everyone is waiting
to press one more trigger
of joy!

Here you are
as near as far
scratching your hair
and you caught my stare
Go ahead
be unfair
the more you hide
the more you are there
I heard that firing sigh
along with my freezing steps on the wooden floor
on my way out,i gently crossed your vision store
as i excused myself to go, work on the morning shoot preparations.


Kay said...

so much to be read between the lines...

Desert Rose said...

so much to be felt between the words,so true Kay...

Anonymous said...

I bow my head before your poetry..
you are a gift to this earth dear

p.s - sorry

Adam said...

Wonderful poem... clever in lavish devotion. You do rhyme very well.

Desert Rose said...

thank you so much Anonymous,your words brought a smile to my face..:)
no sorries is smiling again as of now..:)

Desert Rose said...

Dear Adam, missed your comments dear! so glad you enjoyed this one..i definitely enjoyed writing it as much..:) cheers buddy ;)

Dulce said...

This is great.
As Kay says, lots to read between the lines. I love the pictures, I love your writing, I love your blog.

Hey- thanks for your visit and comment!

Desert Rose said...

Obrigada Dulce! i love yours too..i feel your words,so SWEET..:)
thanks for coming,me encanta ver te siempre hermosa..:)

Wild Rose said...

Beautiful, i agree with all others :)

Desert Rose said...

thank you wild rose xxx

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