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Monday, July 5, 2010

Wet ...

She is your woman
all wet
at your reset
wrapped in nothing
but a white towel
just out of shower
the droplets of water running down her hair,
caressing her back as it goes further down
like a crystallized gown
towards the small of her back
where there ting two beautiful dimples
longing wrinkles
for you
and the room is deluged with her smell
fresh n intertwined so much so that you cant tell
where her natural smell
starts and where it ends
aromatic blends
in that exotic essence of the soap
her sweat would elope
after you
and her cheeks are all rosy n soft,
by the water that now drips from her forehead
into her brows
her lustful shows
in full bids
down to her eyelids
thrown into the air
your own fragrance to wear
and her natural wink
as it slowly climbs down her lips
to her collarbones n stops
there for a moment
submitting to your component
as it's afraid and shy to move any further
away from your border
but your pull of gravitation
is not letting it stop n so it drips
beyond the boundary of the towel towards her bosom
the valley of madness
engraved with your existence
is yet in supreme peace
rhyming with the undulation of her breasts
a moment it goes up
rushing nonstop
and the next it goes down
through the mysterious crown
caressing and molding itself
the way her heart lets it stay there
in its journeys further south
just when the towel slips
at your fingertips
invading your cheering lips
in a rebellious movement towards your skinned map.

I have to give credit to the one who was my inspiration for writing that post,my best friend THANK YOU..:)


Wild Rose said...

Lovely queen...why are you making me feel like taking a shower again??


Jessie said...

very steamy and sensual. your best friend has a powerful influence over your writing. :-)

thank you for your kind comment at my blog home, i always enjoy hearing from you.


Anonymous said...

miss u mohak

Desert Rose said...

thank you wild rose..showers are always nice with wild fantasies ;)

Desert Rose said...

likewise jessie..i love being there and you will sure have me around more often :)

joanny said...

Desert Rose

Now that is a kiss the way love needs to be experienced from the depths of a woman's soul transporting both her and her beloved.

Love it --I will leave you with my favorite poem from Poem by Gueniviene Taggard, 1917
To sit together and drink
the blue ocean,
and eat the sun
like a fruit

this dear Desert Queen is how you write from the heart with passion.


Desert Rose said...

ah i saw your comment and what a lovely one!thank you for the sweet words dear..:)

these lines took me..

To sit together and drink
the blue ocean,
and eat the sun
like a fruit

wishing you the best always Joanny!

Sender D. said...

Stunningly beautiful

Desert Rose said...

thank you sender D. that one is special to me,glad it reached you well..:)

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