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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jungle night...

In my jungle
I spread my arms to you my sun
Laying on the primitive mass of chocolate brown soil,
Rhyming your sound with the jungle’s band
digging cupful’s of earth with brackish hand,
Carving my existence as tough as raw
engraving incoherent designs with one big toe,
smearing my face with slippery mud,
the splendor of the fragrant rose,
Like a scattered prose
Was the timeless chirping of humming sparrow,
nocturnal movements of colored reptile,
Where would I hide in your exile?
Sedate swim of lethal alligator with king sized jaw,
Anticipating like my hungry flow
When you show
Your prolific sprint of striped leopard for prey,
as we play
we feverishly sway
noninvasive walk of multi-legged insects,
Crawling in your loud silence,
Organized like our random thoughts
Yet, chaotic like ourselves.
Green light radiating from twin eyeballs of owl,
entangled network of crisscrossed antelope horn,
Do you feel that thorn?
With your lips,
You cure my drips
Of bleeding pain
mammoth silky strands of African spider web,
So sweet is your bite
When your teeth fight
On my neck
Like a passport check
To my wildest fantasy world of us
pure white monstrous egg of wailing vulture,
A snapshot capture
Of you gazing at me
And me mazing in you
Our tongues are true
In the jungle
black haired apes feeding on jackfruit,
Staring at me swirling as your tight suit
Your eyes shut
On my wide open spot
As we touch
I hear your hush
Pouch bellied kangaroo racing at whirlwind speed,
Like an African breed
My hands twirl on your waist
And we collide
fleet footed squirrels eluding acerbic rays of light,
i suddenly feel sweats, dirty, coated with pungent clay mud,
Musky as your flourishing bud
the vigils of darkness taking a stranglehold on your murky

Do I hear a roar?
Ah ..My king is yawning
And me, I just lay content in his bosom.
After such a gaming safari night and a world cup record set
of the wildest party coated with Toffee Ice-cream.


Nevine said...

Well, Desert Rose. I followed your trail from my blog. And I'm so happy you left those footprints... What lovely words you write! Such magnificent images you create inside my head. And... I see on your profile you live in Cairo. Are you Egyptian? You see... I am... from Cairo. But I don't live there. I live in the States with my husband, and miss home immensely.

But back to your words... yes, I see you have captured my imagination with these hungry words... and so, I will return for more as well.

Best wishes for a fabulous remainder of your week.


Desert Rose said...

Dear Nevine..
so glad you managed to stop by,yes i am Egyptian ,i live in cairo..Masr el Guedida ..your kind words leave me speechless,love having you here in my Home,and you know what..Enti kman wa7ashti Masr awy..:)

big hug from Home :)

joanny said...

Desert Rose

Like the name you chose you are the "Rose" blooming in the desert , your mind is filled with beauty and descriptive thoughts that comes tumbling out on the page with images that capture the readers imagination.

I too became a follower of yours.


joanny said...

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Anonymous said...

the wildness in your poem is too real and exotic... full of passion... loved it

joanny said...

Desert Rose

Here are two awards for you,
go here for explanation.

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