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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vocabulary tricks...

I look for a “where”
To add an “are you?” and enjoy
That secretive feeling of self-made satisfaction
Like a forbidden fruit
That I long to taste
Then I look for an ‘I”
To add my “miss you”
Pretending I heard it
As In my heart I felt it
Coming out of your ribs with a sigh,
adorned with a masqueraded “why?”
That I would reveal with an “are you so late?”
My whole life I waited
For this dangerous language vocabulary
Recruited in your army
as one volunteering mercenary
Hidden among those common letters
Of greeting updates
And when I see those sneaking ‘L’
“O”, “v” and “e”
I feel it coming in me
Blown in your musky breathe
And resting on my husky mess
As I keep trying to hold on to myself
Not to melt in the heat of the read
Even if the letters join other ones
To make different turns
Still my heart doesn’t get these burns
The words look plain and warm
Charged with your neutral storm
What was I expecting?
In my dream I see them unfolded
But in real I would fold them as neat
Racing my own heartbeat
And replying to my unmade requests
By adding my own fantasized question marks,
That shine within your shading full stops.


Kira Stann said...

This was so interesting to read! It was very thought provoking. Nice poem!

Desert Rose said...

thanks kira..glad you enjoyed it..:)

Brian Miller said...

some delicious word play...sensual...i like it...

Desert Rose said...

thanks Brian, your words always are most appreciated dear..sensual it is,i totally agree ;)

Pete Marshall said...

that was clever..without sounding like i am copying Brian, the word play was excellent..thanks for sharing Pete

Desert Rose said...

thanks Pete,means a lot coming from you.humbled :)

dulce said...

WOW DS, this is super! What a play with such intense words and orthography! Unique I loved it and had to read once and again. Just love it!


Sweet hugs

Desert Rose said...

thank you dulce,love having you here..your support means a lot to me querida..:)

desk49 said...

You ask
you wonder
yet do you know

I ask
I wonder
Will they let you go

They ask
They wonder
On them is your love bestow

dustus said...

So much between the lines... well placed parsed questions for unresolved answers down to very letters in some parts. Skilled and emotional;ironic as well. Cheers my friend :) Think you've found an appreciative audience, and that makes me happy to see that.

Desert Rose said...


I ask
I wonder
What more to know
You ask
My wonder
To let you in the show
They ask
They wonder
as we were sliding our madness flow
So much unasked questions,
That are followed with more unpublished answers .

Thank you for the inspiration :)

Desert Rose said...

Dear Adam,
your encouragement words always are so much appreciated,you know i enjoy your being around so much..thank you for being so kind and sweet my friend :)cheers!

moondustwriter said...

I love the way you use words in such a dramatic way - they stand on end.

A powerful piece.

Thanks for being part of One Shot Wednesday - we have such quality poets

love from the Moon

Anonymous said...

Tricks indeed! And you've played well too!!
Can't say I've come across anything even close to this theme ever before! But that's just one of the reasons I fell in love with it.. :)
A touch of sensuality, a little bit of longing, a melange of words, and that added "grammatical" spice... oooh.. I loved the recipe alright!
A real cool One Shot

Wild Rose said...

Felt it deep queen as always we do feel one another's soul's :) so i know where you were coming from. Loved the vocabulary play mwah xx

Crazy Wild Rose~

Desert Rose said...

@Moondustwriter thank you so much Moon,it is my pleasure i am really enjoying One stop! thank you for such great gathering :)

@Wild rose thank you darling,so happy to see you around love,we do play the same tunes baby..xoxo

Claudia said...

Wow - this is really cool - love the word play - and yes - it IS sensual..

Desert Rose said...

Thank you Claudia..i find the words so powerful that they can play tricks on the senses..glad you enjoyed it ;)

Anonymous said...

every time you amaze me with your talent to write.
I wish to read all this in one book.

Tell me,you will send me one book, under your autograph?
haan na?

Sender D. said...

Wow... Love it!

Anonymous said...

Very powerful and feeling.

Desert Rose said...

@senderD thank you for stopping by ,appreciate it :)

@sparrowsong loved having you around,thank you for sweet words..:)


oh, lady!!! absolutely totally mesmerizing - flowing - and free - and magnificent! just beautiful! and brilliant!!!

Desert Rose said...

Thank you Gypsy..your words touch me,so loving your coming around darling..big hug and lots of love your way..:)

Nimue said...

read it long back but could not comment that time .. so back to tell you that i loved this so so much !!! perfect :)

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