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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


She doesn't know
how her femininity lead her to him
the one who with a look
takes her mind off her
and puts his lips on instead
in one tear that is unshed
how much faith did she need,
to resist his look
to be a line in his book
and how much silence did he need
not to be exposed with his exploding fires
like those electrified wires
of hope
the one who knows how to touch a woman
exactly as he knows how to touch the words
with the same hidden burns
holding her from behind
pressing her forward and rewind
just like the way he touches a runaway sentence
with this false laziness
and this neat nastiness
of power
the one whose lips cross her
intentionally slow
with a well defined distance
measured with his existence
that is preserved for excitement
passing by her lips,
without sinking there in a kiss
slipping towards her neck
without touching there in a mess
then they tenderly ascend up
as if he was kissing her with his breathe
just his breathe
a bit slower
the man who sketches her destiny with his lips
write her as his own book
erase her just with one look
how can she forget ?
all that never happened between him and her?
all that is somehow so clear even in a blur
the man of time,comes late
in a retarded hour of the memory
striking her between a let go and the other
setting her nights on fire
then leave
still she would believe
as she rides her insanity to him
she knows,desire has an internal grim
that has no reason
and she screams,
as these savage horses of longing taking her to him
the man of the forgotten time
his love is an enlightening state
that comes in the darkness of senses
to light up its secretive alleys
waking up her unfolded desires
setting it all on burning flames
then leave
"how can i not believe?"
the one she sees,as she settles
in the seat,that is facing his absence
there, where he once sat
opposite to her astonished confession
as she was reloading her first impression
of him
if only he would come
the man of longing time
she is afraid that her joy would tell
after that silence in his absence
that only the black ink would spell
over the virgin sheets
of distance
how much lies does she need
to go on with life as if he didn't come
how much honesty does she need
to convince him,that she really waited only
for come.

if only,
as usual he will pass by her love
and she will not ask him which road he took with the memories
and who lead him to a woman,
who as much as she waited for him
is just not expecting anymore.


Brian Miller said...

wow. so sensual and emotional...i could feel the comings and goings the longings...tight write!

Pete Marshall said...

wow....iwould say that was SOME poem!!!! thanks for sharing it with One Stop..cheers Pete

Desert Rose said...

@Pete Thanks ..i enjoyed reading you too dear,your words mean a lot :)

Desert Rose said...

@Brian always nice to see you around Brian,so glad you enjoyed the comings and goings they exhausted me with full joy :)

Anonymous said...

It is clear you continue to discover your muse, Abeer. Hope he finds you in return. "...not to be exposed with his exploding fire / like those electrified wires of hope" Great lines. Cheers.

Thanks for participating in One Shot Wednesday :)

Wild Rose said...

I loved this one beautiful him and really nice darling :) x

Mory said...

woah.This is extraordinary visual. it IS CERTAINLY ONE OF THE BEST " LOVE SEEKING" POEM I HAVE READ SO FAR.

great poem.

Keep on writing

Anonymous said...

i lost myself somewhere in those lines .. you captured my soul here !!

Desert Rose said...

@wild rose thanks darling..your kind words are always so much appreciated x

Desert Rose said...

@wild rose thanks darling..your kind words are always so much appreciated x

Desert Rose said...

@Mory i am humbled Mory,so sweet of you..thanks.

Desert Rose said...

@ladynimue i lost my soul writing it too..nice to have you around dear :)

Desert Rose said... don't expect when you love,you just give and enjoy the feeling of being scattered within the generosity of your having you always my friend :) cheers!

moondustwriter said...

I'm thinking wow as well. I feel the intensity, desire, the absence...

Thank you for joining us at One Shot Wednesday.

I know people will be glad they got to read your poetry today

signed...bkm said...

Sensual read from a feminine point of veiw - almost a dream of wondering..who this man it...bkm

Claudia said...

very sensual - but unfortunately - without happy end - so far..

Anonymous said...

filled with emotion..nicely done!

Desert Rose said...

@moondustwriter thank you so much for your kind words,i know i will certainly enjoy one stop, a bunch of great talents there..:)

@Signed bkm the man is "Him" he knows himself and knows there was and will never be anyone but "Him" glad you enjoyed it :)

Desert Rose said...

@Claudia so sweet of you to stop by Claudia,wonderful to have you on board..and yea,happy endings are yet to be explored in our dreams i guess :)

Desert Rose said...

thank you @soundoffreedom ..i love your name!! humbled with your kind words :)

My dear friends,all your encouragement and support means a lot to me. Thank you and wish you all a pleasant rest of the week :)

Amaresh Rath said...

I enjoyed it ma'am. You truely knows how to assemble words of the heart.

joanny said...

Desert Rose,

You do know how to speak from the heart with passion and sensual emotion, only a woman who knows how to be passionate can pen such deep feelings and say them so well.

a wonderful poem,


came by one stop poetry.

Desert Rose said...

@Amaresh Thank glad you enjoyed it and yes words from the heart always reach the heart :)

@Joanny So wonderful to have you here, i know passion drives the loving hearts to their destiny with the pleasure of satisfaction as a woman ..i know :)

lovely words you wrote..thank you!

moondustwriter said...

so glad you joined us at One Stop Poetry.

if you send your email to I can keep you up on what we are doing and just say "hi"

thanks for your sweet comment about my poem

Dulce said...

Woman Rose dear,
You write like the angels, of course that you must know... i just needed to say it and how much I love this piece as a whole.

I'll keep you at my blog list

Thanks for being there


oh, dear heavens! what a truly magnificent piece, desert rose! truly wonderful - i had to read it and then read it again - love the sound and feel of the words and the emotions - and the truth under it all - just brilliant!!!

Desert Rose said...

@Moondustwriter thank you so much,the pleasure is all mine,so happy i joined one stop,will definitely do :)

@Dulce thank you! your words are too kind,love having you always around Dulce..abrazos :)

Desert Rose said...

@Gypsy ah dear Gypsy..that piece took my heart out writing it and it makes me grateful it met such success,your support means a lot to me dear one..thanks!

Anonymous said...

slow clap for desert rose!!!

I just love the character you were writing about.


and very nice rhythm to the whole thing too.


hey lady - just dropping by to wish you a fabulous day!

Anonymous said...

Excellent and i love this poem so much! Your words truly touched my heart and soul, made me want to read it a few times over and over again :D

Desert Rose said...

@Gypsy ..ohh dear GYPSY thank you for the sweet visit..wishing you a lovely week ahead you too! love having you around anytime :)

Desert Rose said... thank you..nice to have you here,happy you enjoyed it..:)

Reflections said...

A poem begins in delight and ends in Wisdom..this one is seminal work in some ways...lots of hope, love,sensuality..getting the rreader to get glued to the lines..till melancholy takes over!! A wonderful work of Art

Desert Rose said...

@Reflection thank you so much for your sweet words,that poem is very close to my heart..:)so happy it reached you well..:)

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