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Friday, July 2, 2010

The Come back...

up to witness another dawn
to shed more tears to swallow
of my own fading shadow
I turned around
thought i heard a sound
yet nothing was there
but the empty silence
nothing to share
but the distant nonsense
nothing to wear
but the stubborn persistence
where are we?
this is where we used to be
why do i long for what is now a memory
stabbed in deep
why do i even weep?
perhaps it is my destiny
to return to my lonesome tent
once more i believed
so what if i was deceived!
not new nor ultimate
let me tell you a secret
damn i still believe!
even when smashed like an autumn leaf
how much i want to scream
yet my voice is not coming out
it was more then just a dream
more then a loud shout
once in
now out
Dear pain
please be gentle
I already put my heart for rental
for free
It doesn't need me
Dear pain
you never leave
still i believe
we can still be friends
you and i are the beginnings and the ends
life never gives,it lends
Dear pain
thought i could depend on you
to be always around
but you suddenly left
i wondered where you went
When life smiled for sometime,
may be it was just a rhyme
now it is all back to routine
you and me in the all time scene
Dear pain
now that you are back
beware of the broken track
that keeps playing in my resented heart
all the shuffled tunes of nostalgia.

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Anonymous said...

it is love..
be happy

Desert Rose said... is,happiness comes along with it too..thanks for the wish.

Anonymous said...

this is just amazing i loved it abeer, it really touched me and made me look back at some distant days of happiness and sowrrow.. nothing in our life is permenant, just like dear srk says.. loved ur words, cant pick a fav line.. it's just utterly amazing masha'allah :) Muah :)))

Desert Rose said...

Thank you nona,but its not a memory to me,i live him everyday more and his presence is everlasting to me,even when he is not around,he always is shining in my heart..he is MY permanent ..:)

Maha said...

I can't just say that it touched me, it actually moved me. Sometimes, pain feels sort of like home, happiness is a house with closed doors in our faces, and we do enter, fitting in is so tiresome it's not even worth it anymore. Sometimes, it's just easier to be sad than to fight and be happy.

Desert Rose said...

I know you feel me right Maha..happiness is just a dream we live in to fantasize about it in our everyday journey of the neutral.then we realize sadness never actually left,it just took a back seat to watch that tiring attempt of fitting in.

Wild Rose said...

Thanks for the lovely comments queen and lovely poem lots to read but it's felt :)

Much Love~

Anonymous said...

its very true that pain keeps coming back... more times than happiness come down... But thank goodness we are graced with forgetfullness...

Desert Rose said...

Indeed dear never goes away,but we reach a point where we befriend the pain and learn to live through it all armed with our shaded smiles..

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