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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A cigarette long...

Around the corner
we met
me and him
the man who is out of time
"Today you are delicious",he said
"in your black dress"
I confess
I wished if he stayed longer
If he exhaled me a little softer
If he had said more stuff
If he hadn't been that sweet and tough
For a second
I wanted to be his last picked up cigarette
to touch his lips
then he would quit
For a second
I wanted to be his lips
to sink in mine
and melt in my shivering dips
when i saw him drift
but i accepted that meeting
as it was
us in a few words
and a river of silence
a meeting that was as old as his cigarette
the one he lighted with my burning sigh
as i felt him coming close by
and for a while
I prayed it would last
as long as was the past
in my lips he inhaled its smoke
within his fingers my laughter broke
like a shade of light
at his fading sight
rushed into my veins running
as he crashed it with his feet,humming
"I do envy that black dress you wear"
leaving me bursting in a blushing stare
he left!
what a theft!
he took my breath away
as i childishly sway
holding my roses
and his heart
rewinding in mine the meeting,
that lasted only a cigarette long.


Wild Rose said...

Huh...beautiful.. i love it queen immensely that cigarette long meeting been there theft he still likes that black dress as well, I wore it mastered your lines well here and may come back for another visit :)

Love & Hugs
Wild Rose~

Desert Rose said...

ahhh dear Queen..i loved reading your made my heart swing with joy,love having you always love,you know where i come from..and yeah,i wore it that cigarette long meeting..;)

more love & tighter hugs

Anonymous said...

there is a lot of passion and longing in htis one... enjoyed it...

Anonymous said...

give me cigarette 2 pls

Anonymous said...

Great energy to your lines. Clear imagery too. Trying to quit smoking, again, for like the thousandth time, so thanks for reminding me, Abeer! lol Just kidding, great work my friend :)

Nevine said...

How I loved your play with the cigarette against that moment... so precious... moments we would like to hold on to forever... but never can.

But you are yet in your black dress... and ever will be. We are not so easily forgotten, you know. ;-)

So lovely to awaken to two lovely thoughts from you at my place, this morning, and the windswept hair across the face. Thank you for joining me, Abeer. It will be my absolute pleasure to visit you here.

I send you lovely thoughts and warm hugs from across the oceans and seas. And, would you please kiss my beautiful Cairo 'Good Evening' for me? It is morning where I am, but I know it is already evening there.


Anonymous said...

this is for you girl...

Desert Rose said...

@faery of the wilds ..thank you darling for the kind words and the award! i so much appreciate it..humbled really..:)))

@Dustus you are just too dear you know that ha! try quitting one more time,i know the suffering having you around always Adam..:)

Desert Rose said...

Dear Nevine
Cairo is sending you the hottest is boiling here haha ;)
but lovely as always..i love cairo when its summer and we walk in the street aspiring one shy fresh breeze to calm our souls from the morning heat..:)
i love having you here in my sanctuary Nivo..allow me to call you that nickname..and it feels kinda warm,like family hug one that you gave me and i am returning it to you all the time..keep coming my friend..Cairo misses you too..:)

in my black dress i spin
as you touch my chin
with your love
I fly
as in our cloud we would meet..


dulce said...

How could he leave her behind like that!?

Lovely expression of a moment so easily passed..
Please-Let's have another fag!


Desert Rose said...

haha yeah Dulce could he..;) but the thing is..he never leaves when he leaves,he just leaves to stay..;)
love having you around darling..:)

Brian Miller said...

wonderful write..for a cigarette long meeting so much transpired between them...and so playful...envious of the dress...smiles.

Desert Rose said...

smiling back at you Brian! and was just a cigarette long meeting..that lasted a lifetime of love..:)
lovely to have you over..:)

Claudia said...

beautiful - sensual - and a great idea to describe the moment..

Loch Rob said...

You write passion so well. Too bad that cigarette cannot last longer. However I do know, there is something about a black dress.

My attempt.

Desert Rose said...

@Claudia thank you darling,i enjoy you coming really puts a smile to my face..:)
i wish the moment lasted longer too..:)

@Loch Rob
thank you so much for your sweet words,i m just trying..and i will take a look at your blog cos that link you wrote doesn't work..:)
if your post is there i will find it if i could..:)
cheers to are awesome people..:)))


there are just so few words to describe those i have just read - what can be said of perfection and beauty - you captured it all - beautifully and skillfully said and done, desert rose! just fantastic!
especially love love love the symbolism in your words! great piece, dear rose!

Desert Rose said...

ohh sweet Gypsy..let me just hug you..thank you ! your words mean a lot to me,you are fantastic yourself! love your comments sweetie..:)

lots of love your way

joanny said...

Desert Rose

You do have your pulse on the human heart, dear girl. I always come away, with my heart bursting open, remembering that lingering fleeting moment -- so exquisite so divine. A sensitive soul you have. I am so enjoying your poems, and your visits to mine. You are a Desert Rose blooming.

have a great week end.

Desert Rose said...

Thank you dear Joanny..:))))))how sweet of you to say such lovely warm words..i am so touched and sending you a tight hug are a beautiful soul..:)


Anonymous said...

"Around the corner
we met
me and him
the man who is out of time
"Today you are delicious",he said
"in your black dress""

Love it! Strong visual queue, good intro.

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