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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

His hands...

He was talking
and i was listening,
to his hands
they were revealing
more than him
I learned from his running away answers
to interrogate his hands
to built my own castle in the sands
of our childhood game
I found in them the one entrance
where he introduced me into his soul
where he would submit his all
to the undefeated desire of nakedness
exposing his laziness,
he only uses the right one
i attentively rested my eyes on his fingers
they are fat and rounded
well made fingernails,speaking to me
as if he doesn't want to hurt anyone
even lovingly he doesn't
his attentive way in waving shyly his hands
reassure me
seduce me
to some intimate touches
that would only revive my craving moans
still i don't know him
I just feel him well
like an estimated quill
he brushes his colors over my blankness
he knows my spots of strength and weakness
his hands are prominent
brilliantly transforming
my rivers of stillness
into floods of possibilities
that would drown him in a second
at a savage touch
his hands say too much
of what he wouldn't dare
even to know he can share
his hands are surfing my hair
drawing his lines everywhere
over my body sheet
and i am being his seat
of inspiration
one more time
i feel his hands around
yet louder
their conversation with their Model muse.


signed...bkm said...

a very descriptive piece giving a separate life to a pair of hands - as if they were their own being...very nice..bkm

Kira Stann said...

Very sensual. I could just picture his hands. Lovely poem!

dustus said...

It's amazing how simple gestures and mannerisms may reveal so very much about an individual. Cheers :) Great poem, Abeer

moondustwriter said...

I love that sense that there is a knowing but not known. That creates a mystery about the relationship. You weavet the mysterious a lot.

Thanks for being the first up at One Shot Wednesday - glad to have you beautiful Rose

Brian Miller said...

ooo...i love hands...they do say so much...and evoke such intimacy...or otherwise...smiles.

nice oneshot!

Desert Rose said...

Thank you all,i really felt every word..the hands can talk ,just like all the body does in a language that only lovers get,in love it is all there silent yet loud..:)
your support really mean so much to me all of you:)
@Signed...bkm thank you so much appreciated :)
@kira stann so sweet of you,thank you for coming dear..:)
@Dustus cheers and big hug to you mate!
@moondustwriter thank you,i enjoy one stop very much..great place to meet wonderful people..:)

Desert Rose said...

Dear Brian..thank you! i love hands too,they reveal so much..;) you got it right..:)

Amanda said...

Into floods of, this one blew my very passionate. I felt every word in this. Wonderful ~ Amanda

Gwei Mui said...

Very "hands on" if you'll pardon the pun.
Strong and very tactile

Cor said...

I really liked this poem. It's amazing how much someone can learn by a simple touch or gesture. It's also amazing that people are more attentive to different body parts.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully written. Sort of like watching someone in the nervous folding, tapping, you have a knowledge of already with the person. Yours on a sweet sensual level known. The muse =) perhaps knows our hands just as well....very nice!

Anonymous said...

yeah, i agree with all, dear

Desert Rose said...

@Amanda ..thank you,i hope to see you always glad you enjoyed it..:)

@Gwei Mui yeah,"pretty on" i guess smiles.>"

@Cor all parts of the body talk..they reveal us in a way,all we have to do is feel them..:)

Desert Rose said...

@Between hearts75 i am happy with your comment,really thank you..brought smiles to my face..:)

@Anonymous thank you..:)

PattiKen said...

I like this a lot. Hands do reveal so much. When my dad died and I went to his wake, his hands were what brought it all crashing down on me. They were the only part that looked like him.

TALON said...

I fell in love with my hubby's hands before I even fell in love with him - lol! I've got a thing about hands and I really enjoyed your poem - it brought back some wonderful memories. Thank you!

kiaaura said...

Thank You for following my blog hun..As I am with honor,following yours.Somehow I can relate to your writings just by using my imagination..Intense and Sensual..Are we not created that way..Cancer and Scorpio? ;-)))

John's comments said...

Lovely sensual piece exploring the man through the one physical area he must connect with others( know the manner of a man by his handshake)and intertwining end rhymes within a free verse form. I do poetry for fun rather than publication so for this week only, I’ve nervously posted an example from each of my blogs: an Elegy from Scribbles and Diversions, a Gogyohka from Random Twitter Stories, and free verse poem from Random Short Stories.

Desert Rose said...

@Patti sorry to know about your Dad,but yeah i always believed hands reveal much more about a person then he thinks,they after a time become the most part of you that resembles you,they feel you and people who know you better feel them too..:)

nice to have you around Patti,i loved your poem on one stop! cheers :)

@TALON hands take me,first part of the body i notice after the face,they are a secret guide to the inside,i fell in love with my muse's hands too..along with all the other parts you know..;)

thank you for your kind words Talon,happy to see you..:)

Desert Rose said...

My favorite people all my life has been both cancers and scorpios..scorpios,touch my heart and they know how to reside there..i am such honored you came to my blog and followed,your writing is much more beautiful! i felt myself in your words,your sensitivity is amazing..glad we got connected Miskia..:)

Desert Rose said...

@John well i write poetry for my life,i live it every piece takes a part of me there,it is from my heart that it comes out..:) will see your link and i am glad you stopped by,feel free to roam around..thank you for your nice comment..:)

Wild Rose said...

His hands, his fingers and his demeanor my most favorite things about him. He has his way of making us feel special and glad to read this poem lovely queen~


Anonymous said...

Rose, you have a way with words here. There is just as much left unspoken between the lines as there is in the actual lines! For some reason, these particular lines really spoke to me:

"I learned from his running away answers
to interrogate his hands
to built my own castle in the sands
of our childhood game"

However, I really cannot articulate why. Perhaps it'll come to me later on... :)

Desert Rose said...

@Tony single some words penetrate to us,for reasons we might not discover at the time,but later on we feel them resting in our hearts for this is where they were originally meant to be..happy you stopped by,thank you for your sweet words..:)

Desert Rose said...

@Wild Rose Darling,you know how i love his hands too..your comment is too sweet Queen,love you always

Hugs tight :)

joanny said...

Playful,mysterious, sensual, depicting that powerful connection with the use of some very good descriptives.

Your poem has an eloquent tone, and you cleverly weave your magic making that wonderful connection to communication with another through the physical touch , and sign language a perfect metaphor for this poem.

Yes, I loved it.

Jessie said...

the hands, the places they can lesiurely go, the stories they can tell, and the lies they try to hide. beautifully written, lovely description--very vivid.


Desert Rose said...

@Joanny how i Enjoy reading your comments Joanny! you touched the core of it,yes..sign language is how we communicate my muse and i..:) thank you for coming having you in my sanctuary..:)

@Jessie the hands tell stories and reveal what our tongues might not dare to share..:)
thank you for the nice comment..:)

heavealie said...

this piece of seductive in an elegant way.sensual and serene as well.descriptive piece and I'm sure everyone can relate to it reminding dem of the touch of that someone.nice blog and keep writing.

Claudia said...

.listening to his hands..yes, sometimes hands indeed reveal a lot more than words...great poem - dreamy..

Monkey Man said...

This spoke sensual volumes, yet kept a bit of mystery. Nice.

Desert Rose said...

@heavealie thank you so much for your sweet words,sometimes the soul touches you as powerful as the hands do..:)

@Claudia thank you dear Claudia,yes they do..indeed..:)

@Monkey man so much humbled with your lovely presence,much appreciated..:)

Kavita said...

That was a tantalizing read!!
Hints throughout the poem, and then finally revealing that he was an artist and you, the was awesome!
Loved the sensuality in the writing...

Kavita said...

Sensuous and lovely!!!
With hints all along, and yet revealed at the end! The artist and his muse - what a pair! Beautiful!!

Desert Rose said...

thank you so much Kavita! so happy to have you around..glad the poem reached you well..:)

Magnus Holmgren said...

Very dreamy and sensual...and quite lovely!

Every part of the body can speak volumes, if we just take the to listen.

Thanks for sharing! :)

Desert Rose said...

Exactly Magnus,the thing is the body language is the most honest one too,yet we still rely more on words..:)
thank you for stopping by,i really appreciate your nice comment..:)
have a great day..:)

Nevine said...

With hands... we touch. With fingers... we embrace... not only skin... but psyche. Your erratic lines, some short, some long, are like the running of fingers over the keys of a piano... a sort of lovemaking of their own. Your thoughts... and observation... keen... and unwavering. This is how we watch when we are obsessed. And who does not wish to be obsessed in desire?

Your words are delicious, Abeer... simply DELICIOUS! YUM!


Anonymous said...

Oh my.... I so glad i saw you on nevine's page... you are really something to behold... I must read you. You seem to have a very beautiful soul....

Desert Rose said...

What can i say,i am smiling..happy..and yes,sending you a warm hug way to there..i know you feel it..:)

hugs&yummy kisses Nivo!

Magnus Holmgren said...

Yes the body language is more honest..sometimes we have to speak tho, like now :)
You're welcome, the same to you, nice when someone reads and comments.
You have great day too!


such beautiful words written with the hands of your mind - just beautifully done - and the hands - oh, yeah! hands! hands and eyes just speak volumes about someone - at least to me! i don't need words - because i hear the hands and eyes! wonderful piece, lady!

Desert Rose said...

@Magnus thanks again,it is my pleasure..the least i can do for such amazing readers who take of their time to come read me and comment..i really appreciate it :)

@Gypsy my dear one..thank you for the sweet comment,you know us,we do read the hands and the hearts ..;)
love having you always darling..have a great weekend..:)


Pete Marshall said...

Hi Desert that was a wonderful sensual poem...been away for the week so just catching up now and thanks for taking part in One Shot again..cheers Pete

Desert Rose said...

Thank you Pete,glad you liked it..welcome back :)enjoy your week,one stop is so fantastic..:) cheers!

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