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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

+500 and more

500 thousands
on your way to millions
numbers counted
hearts are bounded
you bring us closer
in one more beat
what is it about you
that makes the world stir
when you just appear
There is so much
a rose can tell
with just a scent
and much more smiles
it sent
with a ringing bell
feel my scent
and that kiss i sent
read in me
what i couldn't say
breathe in me
if i couldn't stay
your secret of life
and when you are there
pick my poems for you to wear
on you they would fit
hold me close for a little bit
I am that much yours
and you are only mine
and so much more.

we love you so much Shah,for all you are and all you do,we are blessed to have you,eternally yours..all the roses..~


noona said...

loved it beero, i'm so happy we're becoming half a million fans now on twitter, he derseves zillions :)
and u are so sweet :) really loved it

Wild Rose said...

Sweeeet....i love the seal song too. Just like twins we're hahaha...we do love you King infinity :))


Desert Rose said...

thank you so much noona,yes he deserves the world that even numbers won't be your coming n sweet words..:)

Desert Rose said...

ahh sweet twin,i know that! infinity it is king! just ours for ever and much more..:)


Anonymous said...

myself a SRK fan, liked this too much !! thanks for this :)

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