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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome Home...

I saw that rose on the bed
as i ran to you like a kid
threw my bag on the floor
with one leg you pushed that door
and threw me like a flying kiss
on your lips

in a feverish welcome
we manage to skip some laughs
in an hysterical symptom
of barking amnesia
all i could recall
is where it all starts
right here..

I had to leave for a few days
you needed to readjust our delays
distance turned us into
silence perfectionists
soul whisperers
heart wanderers
perhaps away
but never apart

I put you there with my casual dresses
and yet among my formal black suits
like the conventional recruits
always ready for a mission
my obsession

where would i ever miss you?
when in my mind i fold you
like an uncensored stare
when i even sprinkled you on my hair
they asked me in that interview
whom would i wear?
and i smiled
with you around the corner of my lip
sliding down to rest on my hip
curving that daring line
when i simply mentioned your line
"Tonight i am wearing me
and my attitude"
Tonight i will be wearing you
veiled and nude

you will welcome me home
not as the crazy poet
who just published her first book
with nothing on but you in the words
and in between the exhausted boards
they asked me
who was my muse?
I said i wrote him down
in every letter that i couldn't mention
and in those who i did
he was the all the "mees" and the "yous"

Don't look for me
when i go away
because i never do when i do
for me you always stay
closer then ever when you go
and when i am home
I love it when you spread your anger
roaring your longing rough and tender
and when you throw me on your lips
I touch my soul with your fingertips
I rise in your darkness
like a shooting star
and in my brightness
your solar majesty reigns my phenomenal eclipse
another Tsunami is your welcome home
and one more Brazilian soccer match point is my victorious arrival.


Anonymous said...

love ur home!
Love u

Harshad mehta said...

Beautiful night it must be!

Well put in words.

Kay said...

pure bliss. I couldn't even try to tell one line or phrase I liked best...

just pure bliss.

Desert Rose said...

thank you Anonymous,i love my home too..when i feel it closer..:)

Desert Rose said...

Dear Harshad,
you bet it was..:)thanks for your lovely words,nice to have you around :)

Desert Rose said...

Ahh Kay..i just can't thank you enough,it was one poem that totally took me HOME..:)

Wild Rose said...

He's home always has been despite the latitudes :)

Anonymous said...

A great poem to express your love. Cute!

Desert Rose said...

Thank you so much Jess..this one is dear to me..glad it touched you there..:)

Jillien said...

THis was excellent.

I found you on the Jingle Poetry Potluck and I'm glad I did.

Your writing is magnificent

Anonymous said...

Every time i read you, i miss being in love .. I miss loving some one this much .. most of all, i miss some one loving me so much ! Sigh !! LOve your words all time :)

Anonymous said...

i find this a very sexy posting- no pun intended. mines here-

Teresa said...

A wonderful poem! Very romantic.


Homecoming and Meeting after long time always fascinating.

Eric Alder said...

Sounds like a great time to me! So nicely expressed, too!

Defiant Princess said...

lovely poem and a perfect song to get the emotion Felt.

Just Dropped by your blog, it Neat & Nice.
Me likes ;)
Follow you on Google Connect now!

Defiant Princess

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