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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Labriynth...

Switch those lights off
come in the mystic maze
stumble upon my naked thoughts
let my quivering breaths guide you
your heart beats will lead you
to my treasure
where my butterflies dance
only at your glance
I almost hear your steps
in the silent depth
bare feet
gentle and sweet
riding that ticking clock
turning around the lock
all my senses spark
at your rise in the dark
did you feel them yet?
these million moans in set
ah..i guess you did
removing my lid
there you are
your feet finally touched mine
as i drip my wine
in your thirst cup
don't stop
keep figuring your way out
within my labyrinth
let me be your nonsense
and your insight
here to the right
a cheerful delight
and to the left
is where you are kept
move on upwards or down
the lips are madness
the hips are in bound
carved by your brush
as i blush
when we crush
there on that old leather couch
may i feed these hungry eyes?
whispering my thunderous lullabies
enchanting my butterflies
that only rejoice
at your voice
saying my name
like a call for a daring game
your wicked card
is tender and hard
striking my board
secrets unfold
with a masterful touch
legs interlock on a soft clutch
grinding out of the ordinary
to the savage ecstasy
I see my face in your eyes
reflection of my paradise
nerves in a race of cries
dams of lust
just been torn apart
and bridges of trust
are built of the dust
baptizing incense
our celebration of rebirth
screaming life out of the womb of contradiction.



Wild Rose said...

Holy Shit!!! I'm sorry i got really turned on by this one, so erotic and loving at the same time... Un momento por favor querida...


Desert Rose said...

hahahaa toma todo el tiempo que necesitas Amor, i know it took me places too..;)

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