Always on My Mind you baby...

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Don't just love me,
sink in my ocean
spell me as your passion
don't be wise or sane
rejoice your madness within me
don't just reside in my heart
like a start
with no end
my crazy festivals of joy
like a victorious lover boy
don't taste my tears,
devour my darkest fears
don't be my excuse to a revolution
to be my legal right for a dedication
don't be my unfinished verse
be my blessing and my curse
carve your lines all over my skin
when i stand still
catch me if i fell
don't be my midnight dream
be my favorite cup of coffee and the steam
don't be my justice
when i am so unfair
be my air
when i need to hide somewhere
let me be your insomnia
and your early wake up call
let me be your one
and your all
don't be my rushing need
be in slow motion my speed
don't be my title
identify your existence with my name
let your absence grow in me
like an infinite presence of a Bohemian ecstasy
let me be all your women
when all you need is me
let me be your exotic bathing soap
your despair and your hope
let me be your toothbrush that is blue
your painkiller when you catch a flue
let me be your void
when you need to stare
let me form your celluloid
one that only you can share
let me be your white shirt
and wear me as your favorite scent
let me be your unfinished project
and be my most precious asset
let me be your Mac laptop screen
hide me where i can never be seen
touch me like a brad new keyboard
with the joy of typing a long lost word
write me as your story that has never been told
copy me where you are and paste
wrap me around your waist
like a Ralph Lauren towel
put me around your neck as a red fashion shawl
feel me around when your hair gets wet
and let me drip in your aromatic sweat
let me be a book you spend your nights reading
one you never finish
and let me be your extreme fetish
let me be all your personal
your turns on are my arousal
let me be that satin sheet
that curls around your bare feet
let me be your morning shower
and your private secret drawer
let me be your natural make up
and hold me tighter when we wake up
for i would spend my nights as your own pillow
and let you beat in me your pulse
like a savage infection of life in a full artery blood circulation.


Wild Rose said...

As the sun rises in the East
So does the breaking dawn of your love begin

As the sun sets in the West
you're overwhelmed with a burning desire

A desire locked down deep inside
One that cannot be concealed anymore

You long for one sweet kiss from him to quench your thirst
You long for one tender touch of his that will last a lifetime

At the end of it all he's your deepest desire as he's mine..

You love him not today nor tomorrow but forever!

Desert Rose said...

Forever and more
only for him it is..
and only HIS it shall always be..

love &hugs
to my wild Rose

Anonymous said...

amazing. sultry but tasteful - something i only accomplish once in a while. here is seems effortless. whosoever you wrote this for needs to read this, seriously.

Desert Rose said...

ah Iris..i certainly hope so,but i believe in my heart HE did..;)

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