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Monday, May 24, 2010

Victoria Secret's ...

A black box
with red ribbons
crowning my bed
few steps ahead
as i kept staring
what could it be?
your present to me?
i touched my heart
trying to calm the beats down
your fragrance was all around
Creed royal
quite arousal
my fingers trembled
scattered and reassembled
caressing that corner
where you attached your whisper
blowing a giggling kiss
one that i would never miss
I stretched myself beside the box
wondering like a haunting fox
untying the ribbons
releasing these wild looks
melting on your rocks
like an infatuated mermaid
It was that soft
like your shivering lips
that black satin tiny set
a daring Victoria secret
My favorite!
for you i would wear
for your eyes to touch everywhere
In a while,
i will be your Nile
and your mortuary temple
and you will be my earth
and all i am worth
like a melody from heaven
we will tune in the night
getting on that mystical flight
to our soul mates paradise.


Wild Rose said...

You know it...I love Victoria's secret and him getting the gift haha, there's no better fulfillment than that. The anticipation on Valentine's day gets to me but I believe it pays to be patient darling, sweet poem ;-)

Hugs & Love~

drzuby said...

Your blogs are quite arousing one. Very beautifully written n so much in so little.. Nice work baby.

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