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Thursday, May 13, 2010


I am the fire
dancing on your wire
the truth if you dare
I blink,
for the clouds to cry
my tears are rain
I petrify your pain
when i stare
I sigh,
for the leaves to dry
blowing off my wind
with a blare
when i shine
I am your wine
and you are the skin i wear
as i speak
your sensors sneak
into my mist
within my fist
I hold your dice
my numbers
your choice
as i kiss your fate
on the face of the moon
I shine
it might never be too late
or is it yet too soon?
you are mine
I read my signs
within your lines
if you dare
to be my only messenger of justice
reciting my celestial hymns
in your fortified kingdom of silence.

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Wild Rose said...

You know it's strange how we get inspired by someone to the point where they become our religion. Am certainly not complaining because am dancing in those fields with so many beautiful colors and believe in my God and this religion.. my dear queen. :)

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