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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One more dance...

I see you in my eyes
covered with layers of mist
I feel your trembling breaths
rambling in my deciphered myth
as i confess
my complete surrender
to your massive thunder
that brings down my wall
in one miraculous call
of life
words dance on the tinted sheet
creating a festival on my treat
for you finally set them free
only within you they flee
to roam in your trust
like an exotic crew of lust
they chase your random fears
embrace your crippled tears
with arousing tenderness
in your arms i create my myth
reborn as your priestess
for your fingers to bless
the barking moon is ruling the night
as the blessed priestess is calling the knight
for one more resurrected dance
living her one more chance
purified in your sanctuary as the goddess of pleasure.


LarvK said...

Wow just one more dance...all the random fears, tears, breaths, calls and the most important here desires and lust are coined just for him with him and all of us. How loved he feels when you dance for him and i also join in the festivities...

When we flee it's to him and when we trust it's just him..He loves to sit down and watch as you dance away, i catch his flickering smile and am satisfied within myself that our Pharaoh has been blessed with all the love he could ever dream of by his priestesses' the desert rose and beautiful queen~

stairway to heaven said...

one more dance
in the temple of pleasures
one more chance
for life beyond measures
one more sigh
with every word
one more fly
to our fantasy world
one more kiss
that one i never miss
one more hug
for my wires fit the plug
one more you
always in my arms
one more me
shining within you to be
one more hearbeat
that only spells your name
one more defeat
for only to you we submit
the dance is ours
and so is the fairytale
of the leading pharaoh and his priestess of immortal passion.

Anonymous said...

this was my favourite..glad we met Pete

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