Always on My Mind you baby...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I ran my brush
on that blank sheet
holding you in my arms
safe from all harms
I held in you my stars
broke all the time bars
you set me free
enjoying you in me
we dance in the lines
swing within the colors
is where we are true
is burning our passion instead
Black and white
like an eternal twilight
shades of you and me
are inviting our ecstasy
I feel your lips on the back of my neck
your gentle breeze just slick
your colors take me over
as your heart touches me all over
how did these lines curve?
just to shine on your face
the sunlight and the moon ray
only when in your arms i turn
all my words in one kiss
infect my thoughts with a hiss
wrapped around your waist
I almost taste
the years bitter sweet
nothing can be more complete
we rolled on that unfinished sheet
colors fulfilled our yearning skin
with the shades of a rainbow
one that only rises
after a long session of unseasonal rain.


~ Tabitha ~ said...

Well written..thanks for sharing.

Wild Rose said...

Sketch me wild am taken by this piece. Thank you~

Desert Rose said...

all the colors only swing to sketch him with love on my sheet of life dear Larvy.He is my Palette such as he is yours :)
LOVE always :)

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