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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fading resolutions..

Here i am
at your door
shivering to the core
touching your golden initials bar
so close yet you seemed as far
like a star
but i will not forget
only to you i will submit
my new resistance resolutions
will shake your hand
without feeling this crazy flow
of dancing pleasures
will greet your eyes
telling them all the formal lies
hiding my treasures
will even kiss your cheeks
hoping you won't feel my softened tweaks
dipped in your pressures
if i can only ring that bell
without rushing to my lustful shell
where we used to melt
only your scent is left
one more step
raising my finger up
when you suddenly opened the door
my eyes rested in yours
as my head found its way to your chest
feeling you within my quest
as you held me tight
it simply felt so right
to revive in your arms submitting my own fading resolution.


LarvK said...

No argument here...the only submission is to him am sold :)

stairway to heaven said...

hahahaa me know it :0

Anonymous said...

perhaps we will not see the light of the sun
but I hope we will enjoy the moonlight..
my dear friend.
maine tumse intizaar karun

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