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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Can i miss you more?
when i close my eyes i do
as it takes a second for your face
to light up my darkness
then i miss you for a whole second
and more

can i kiss you more?
when i touch my lips i do
blow my sweetness on your chase
to delight my nonsense
so i kiss you to swing my lips around
like louder drums of war

can i feel your touch more?
when i hold my arms i do
reaching out to your base
holding you to my bosoms
like a desert rose that blossoms
at your shore

is it asking too much?
signing your back with one more scratch
if i may dare
do more then a stare
would you care?
if i just roll on your floor
scented with your nectar
feeling your arouse from afar
so close
you strip the rose
to the core
our road is long
holding on to your tongue
I admit
it is where i most fit
lost in between your lips
not wanting to be found
I hear your choking sound
I feel your smashing desire
burning in me like fire
exhales of your resistance
that you set free
within me
not enough borders i build
nor strong liners you draw as a shield
in a glance we melt
in a touch we dwelt
in a shiver we met
kept and swept
like an old daring bet
we erupt
in a feverish set
protesting for the time
to stop counting in seconds
as they are long enough for our passion to rest
so tell me if i can?
believe the woman and revive the man?
who are both roaming in their wonder land of possibilities.


Wild Rose said...

I wholly and completely
embrace these possibilities as I stretch my mind I pray to see your possibilities and mine realized today.

Is is possible? You bet it is just your mere hope makes them tangible.
Beautiful hopes :)

Love & Hugs-

Desert Rose said...

Thank you darling..
hopes have wings and they fly high to reach..and i know i believe in that power of possibilities..:)

hugs tight

Anonymous said...

i loved the flow, and the thoughts are classic but delivered in a crispy, spicy way of thinking. ;-)

Desert Rose said...

thank you Iris! you know i tried to reach with ease and passion..glad u got it ;)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this! Seems like it's written very sensually for a woman by a woman. It's a pleasure to meet you darling

Desert Rose said...

well..thank you! but it was written very sensually by a woman for the only man in her heart and soul..but of course poetry can be felt the way that your heart does it..:)

the pleasure is all mine dear.. :)

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