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Friday, May 7, 2010


Your sounds of silence
tickle my soul
they say it all
when you seem to say nothing at all
your eyes do all the talking
while you take my hand to the dance floor
craving to the core
your shades fall on the ground
just as you turn me around
arranging the steps
digging in depth
of that restless wish
one that we would accomplish
eventually in a dramatic fall
as i raise that one last call
our journey begins
reviving all my sins
your silence is ragging
with all those sagging words
as i sharpened my swords
of reason
one more season
for all the memories to spare
it is one dance to dare
enchanting the future
that is inscribed on my skin
with lines of pleasure that shines within
the music grows
your body flows
in swings with mine
as one we combine
united in our moment out of time
breathing our own lust as a rhyme
until our lips meet
in an everlasting greet
one that starts with no end
and i bend
losing myself to your arms
my destiny only rises there
in your racing heartbeat as we both melt in a tango.

with all my love to the beautiful person who made that video. and to the most AMAZING superhero to whom it was made and felt.It means a lot to me more then words can tell.


LarvK said...

Am dancing away with you first step..with him second step then both...Then he swirls me around step and step turns you around...Oooh.. what tangled webs we weave ~:))


stairway to heaven said...

yes he is the MASTER of the ride..;) he knows how to stir the dance floor alright ..and step by step we shall swing in the perfect TANGO..;)

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