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Friday, May 14, 2010

Political views ..

Right from the top
downwards non stop
that black crown on your head
invites my fingers to spread
sinking deeper
feeling the warmth of your brain
wise and insane
vertical lines ahead
lovey bones in a sculptured forehead
two bright wells of Ecstasy
guarded with a revealing destiny
dark and mellow
stripping the follow
into a bare stone
striking the moan
into a savage whisper
like an exiled shelter
they stare and keep
in a blare they sweep
all my tears with a glance
inviting my soul to a dance
another barking chance
for redemption
a mere assumption
of a second identification
only you solve the equation
when i reach that nose
softly it blows
your life breeze into me
inspiring my reverie
with a quivering touch
breathtaking and much
royal and dramatic
exotically aristocratic
as i make my way
to your lustful quay
my eyes sway
enchanted by your reception
fatal is the attraction
and magnetic..
they tremble with my name
as my gates are honoring your flame
shaking your silence with my intervention
in a delightful swing
they pull my longing string
closer to collide
i turn off my celluloid
drowning in your calling flood
responding with a daring nod
to your powerful claiming party
touching all my spots of beauty
you reassure your rising delegation
with every blink of aspiration
of a lifetime period of pleasure to last
reaching the heart of your favorite cast
in a deeper speech
your shivering whispers reach
every single cell
even the hair can tell
and the racing heartbeats announce
the smashing success of your energetic campaign
once again
you drip in my vein
embracing my national flags
redefining all my tags
in an official celebration of a well deserved win
you raise my chin
to seal your formal public announcement with a kiss
ruling my whole existence after a finally democratic election.


Adam said...

Great poets may inspire fellow artists with quality words, but you also do so with heart. thank you

Anonymous said...

Oh wow amazing-that's all I can think to say! I'm well impressed!!" <3

Desert Rose said...

thank you Adam..really your words are priceless ..:) THANK YOU!

Desert Rose said...

THANK YOU dear ..i am just trying to reach ..:) so happy you liked it..:)

Wild Rose said...

You're sensual, you're loving and you color my world with such beauty and believe me that he feels every bit of this and those dreams will be come true~

Touched as always sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

very sensual, but in a VEEERY disciplined way. the antithesis gives the beauty to a poem. and you've accomplished that here. whoa.

Desert Rose said...

thank you glad you like it..:)

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