Always on My Mind you baby...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


When you hide
within my words i find you
by your side
I redefine my virtue
in a poetic random
touching my fate
I celebrate
our chaotic wisdom
with some beating lines
that rejoice at your signs
and i take off that costume
of the poet i assume
only wearing your perfume
running naked in my space
my tears faded on your face
few more colors
you add to the pale skin
lustful lovers
enchanted within
we managed the distance
defeated the absence
what is left for now?
sometimes even the presence
is hard enough
like the cold winter nights
and wrapped in noisy silence
I wonder at times
how do we make it alive
taking the long road drive
we strive
I love having you near
in my cave
so when you wave
I know to me you crave
for tonight,
I am at your right
as your untitled poem
recited in your heart as a little prayer of revelation.


Wild Rose said...

Such love and faith inspires all of us. He will always be the muse that rises within our souls and the words that pour out of our hearts ;-)

Desert Rose said...

not any word i write that he isn't beyond its letters as a lifetime inspiration of eternal love darling..:)
to him i write and for him my words shall always remain ..:)

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