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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Desert rose...

All the roads lead to you
words dance on your tunes
as my feet sink in your desert dunes
but i keep walking
held by the windy silence
cuddled by your twinkling absence
dried leaves fly in my chase
revolted sand keep touching my face
as i keep shaking
silver stars guide my steps
the shy moonlight beats in my ribs
In depth
my heart drips
like a broken bottle of red wine
I pour my scent in a darkened line
like fresh blood
my storm
is like a ragging flood
in you i sink
trapped in a blink
lost in your fearless why
released with a helpless sigh
i held the sand in my fist
letting it slip
what scene should i skip?
your thunderous departure?
or is it my lightening rapture
when i saw your shadow coming back
through my desert in a victorious attack
i recollected my fragmented heart
ran to your arms in a fresh new start
but i ended up holding my arms tight
it was only your fading light
even the sand now felt as cold
the desert night seemed as bold
how could i forget
that in the desert all you get
are some longing whispers and a shadow of your own inspiration.


LarvK said...

Dear Soulmate,

A desert Rose you're...raging as always sinking deep in him..don't we both? There's no other place to immerse yourself except within his loins...his core. Skip his thunderous departure scene and keep your lightening rapture because that was when he gave you and me a new lease in life.

And what a victorious attack it was! The sand may have seemed cold and the desert night even bolder but his light was born again within you and me... hold it to dear life nurture it and let it blossom with you...

Even in the sand dunes a miracle arises and his shadow is the fire that burns deep in us under the scorching sun of the desert... :-)

Much Love~

stairway to heaven said...

with his fever
to myself like a shining ray

as one lifetime keeper
to his irresistible sway

to be his one to own
for what my words have shown
that they make no more sense
to him they go
only him is running the show
the master of my ride
and the rider of my reviving inspiration..:)

I loved your beautiful comment larvy,see it got me to roll my pen over..thank you..:)

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