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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Funny bunny...

Why are you sad?
said the loving bunny
"The day was just as bad"
replied his beloved hunny
"It will be alright
just hold on tight
today is ours
and so is tomorrow
would love you for hours
and beat away that sorrow
turn your engines on
let our summer days beckon
we will drive your fastest wind
ride our madness and never bend
your laughter heals it all
would you like to play some ball?
smile for me my dearest bunny
and let me tell you something funny
one day i was so hungry
then i saw two lovely carrots
they were not in my reach
So i ran along the sandy beach
guarded by the reason parrots
the closer i set
the hungrier i get
they were shining in the burning daylight
like the shooting stars of my loneliness midnight
and when i almost touched my pray
the mighty parrot took one away
looked at me and said
"it is only yours for lives ahead"
then i turned to the other one
almost saw her tears in a run
I thought she was looking at me
so i held her tight
caressed her wet skin
"I miss my soul twin"
to me she whispered
my heart just trembled
watching her grief
somehow was a relief
in a minute we reached out
everything we talked about
the funny thing is that i enjoyed my hunger
just seeing her laughter
together we settled for rain drops
as my heartbeats never stops
now keep your faith my lovely carrot
your funny bunny and your twin
wait for you to rejoin in
perhaps it was not that funny
but that was the lifetime story of the loving hungry bunny.


Anonymous said...

what brilliance

MaGold - The Expressionist said...

Thank your for your marvellous blog

Wild Rose said...

Thank you for this poem, made me so feel sweet and tender inside. I missed you too soulmate and funny bunny, missed all of us ;-)

Love & Hugs

Desert Rose said...

thank you MaGold glad you are enjoying my humble work..:)

Desert Rose said...

ah dear much i missed you coming and commenting..forever it is ..Funny bunny is always with US darling :)

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