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Friday, June 11, 2010

To Africa

Waka Waka
Rule the game
burn your flame
sweat more flesh
deliver them fresh
set the world at your heart
hold them tight and mark the start
give them freedom
teach them faith
all in one
within your sun
fire the kicks
smash their bricks
hail to one more bliss
version one random access
Oh Africa
you bring it all out
warm and over but never out
boys and girls
weaving curls
of exotic joy
black and white
colored insight
give them the fever
never take it back
one love
one track
let the soccer rains
turn the madness world on.

Let's MOVE IT ;)

WAVING the flags of FREEDOM..

love you my LAND..:)


Kay said...

you are quite refreshing :)

Desert Rose said...

THANK you Kay..i m into the soccer fever and the turn on games..;)
love having you around :)

Dr. Heckle said...

Is this all your own poetry? It's very cool. I've been reading back into your older posts. Nice work!

Desert Rose said...

yes ..all my work..over the years i think this blog is closer to me then my own soul.more precious then anything i have ever done in my life and i did A LOT! thank you so much for the sweet comment Dr.Heckle most appreciated..:)

Wild Rose said...

Africa...Oh my beautiful Africa shine on me mother earth...Beautiful continent ~

Desert Rose said...

Indeed Queen..i am so proud to be living on its rich soil..the best is yet to come..:)

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