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Monday, June 14, 2010

Holiday Trip...

So are you going today?
yes,you need a holiday
but for comforting set
let me be your private jet
fly on my wings
all the love you bring
and when you are there
i will greet you everywhere
feel me
around in Ayasophia
like an ornamented byzantine pillar
with longing pride
like a virgin bride
Taste me
spiced on a shish kebab thriller
whistle me
as your lonesome song
wonder about with me along
in the kapali bazar
reach out for your longing star
wear me on
with an aromatic aura
when you feel the breeze
camping in the Fires of Chimaera
let me be your Helen
and be My Troy everlasting legend
wave me around
in some folkloric swings
Galata Nights
gazing lights
exotic Anatolia
Ottoman euphoria
Belly dance our tale
let the Kervansaray hail
cheer the emperor of time
rambling in the Mojo blues
wear me once as your own muse
and finally Italian
another Higgins and a Pygmalion
Victorian hopes
in Latin chrome
and when you reach Rome
blow me a daring Valentino kiss
and throw me in the Trevi fountain of wishes
as your bad nickeled penny
that hopefully will always keep crawling back at you.



fabulous, desert rose!!! LOVE it!!!

Desert Rose said...

Thank you so much Gypsy..i m really humbled..i do have ancient Turkish blood so,turkey has always been a close place to my heart..:)

Anonymous said...

yeah Turkey, turkish blood
nice twixy...
u r really poet

Anonymous said...

every time I read one of your poems I get astounded at the thought of how you and I would have made hugging, shrieking, giggling, stumbling-drunk best friends. LOL. I loved the way you used the proper nouns in this, you paint a picture without being too heavy on the mind.

Desert Rose said...

ahh dear Iris..i certainly agree! LOL and you should know by now how HAPPY i am with your visit to my just drew a big smile on my face..honored SIS ;)

Wild Rose said...

Amazing! This is the kind of send off every lover should get when they travel away from their loved ones~

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