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Friday, June 18, 2010

Evening out...

All dressed up
totally elegant
mighty poignant
you in an Armani suit
man,you look so cute!
with a dazzling smile
setting me on a trial
where i never win my case
like a sport i take my grace
by your side
in a long black gown
and i drown
hair lose
which earnings to chose?
would go with the diamond ones
you loved their glare
joining the fare
in my mind
i rewind
few lines
no,just my illusion
and your confusion
bare back
red lipstick
feminine attack
in a seductive flick
high heels
yet nothing heals
this blankness
let me clear this mess
before we go
open drawers
wrinkled sheet
victorious retreat
to you
where is your shoe
under your seat
so that i can touch your feet
let me fix your hair
kiss your eyes and everywhere
search for my beauty in your mirror
hold me and tell me i feel better
all ready for the show
I nibbled your ears before we go
a final toast to celebrate
to Us
and to
our compensated evening out.


Wild Rose said...

Lovely evening out, he must have really had fun :)

Desert Rose said...

i am certain of the fun part,so glad you enjoyed it too Queen..:)
LOTS of love~

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