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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spanish guitar...

Wondering in the streets of Athens
the buildings take me
to where they tell their stories
times of sadness,times of glories
faces laugh
others just graph
on my mind a line or two
the smell of the sea
i inhale to take with me
bracelet shopping
fun made jogging
louder voices
what are my choices?

I hold your hand
on the side we stand
here is that shop
there we had to stop
you love getting my stuff
only your love is enough

we walk along
rhyming our song
on the corner
i held you tighter
and we melted in a kiss
loved feeling your nose
pressing mine
which road to chose?
i know you are mine

down the alley
we smell the valley
I turned to tell you
how much i love you
then i saw you
standing by that tree
playing "marry me"
on that old Spanish Guitar
on your knees
my racing beats i couldn't cease
clapping cheers
as i stood in tears
you kissed my palms
i jumped in your arms
i love it when you sing to me
our everlasting melody
whispering to that Spanish guitar
all that i secretly tell my twinkling star

you know you are mine
as much as i am yours
and in the land of Aphrodite
we will create our own eternal Odyssey.


Wild Rose said...

"I wish that I was in your arms
Like that Spanish guitar
And you would play me through the night
'Till the dawn
I wish you'd hold me in your arms
Like that Spanish guitar
All night long, all night long
I'd be your song, I'd be your song"


Desert Rose said...

perfect! loved your comment wild rose! brilliant as i want to be a Spanish guitar in his arms..;)

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