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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Greek arena...

Heard the crowd
craving as loud
like a daring phantom
in thirst for madness

in your lines
insanity combines
seeking my freedom
within your louder silence

for million sun-shines
with your burning mines
of philosophical wisdom
inhaling your purifying incense
for a divine salvation

in your mysterious signs
bottled as your bloody red wines
fighting my ragging tantrum
and surviving your storm of aggregation

on your wheel of renaissance
like a pray of endurance
in a spectacular revelation

hail for my persecution
raise your hand
take one stand
save my soul
with one more call
be my redeemed vengeance
as you deify my entrance
spare the cheering arena
of one more euphoric show
keep my life in one more kiss you blow
release your hand coughed gladiator
let the tyrant in you rule the spectator
step in the scene
revealed and unseen
keep me close
unchain the rose
greet the fools
break the rules
let me revolt as your long lost kingdom
and your reconciliation throne
melt in me to the bone
destroy the temple and the pantheon
and let me be your one time guiltless released on probation.

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