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Monday, June 7, 2010


Do i hear his steps?
or is it his absence eclipse?
I feel him coming
my heart birds are humming
his royal wind is blooming
right through my ears
the desert roses are moaning
bursting with arousing tears
in their aromatic glows
stars are performing their exotic shows
around his exquisite entrance
beating out of their resistance
the hearts race at his divine rising
even the moon was dancing
enchanting the sun
the whole universe turns into one
In the kingdom of his fantasy
his Queens rejoice their ecstasy
the royal palace hails in preparation
with sparkling beauties in total admiration
putting on their fancy gowns
curling in his adoration around
wearing his most favorite musky scents
chasing their shadows in his own blends
His harem shuffles with addictive lust
each one of them yearns for his intimate trust
they hide and show
million yes and no
bold and shy
burning in a sigh
they want to give their all
and greet his four seasons ball
Ivory and ebony
a magical lateny
colorful souls
in a rainbow treat
just at his feet
they break his silence
with their tender whispers
they tickle his loneliness
and giggle at his desired happiness
It all fades at his majesty
for eternity,
they would recite their story
reviving in his prevailing glory
the legendary taboo of the " thousand and one nights".


Wild Rose said...

Wow, loved it Abeer and the queens rejoicing in his majesty's Harem's palace...I can only imagine the things that went on there.. such delicious thoughts~ :)

Desert Rose said...

YOU bet they are delicious haha thank you Queen..:)

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