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Friday, June 18, 2010

To my Superhero

You don't speak much
but your eyes say it all
that way we always reach
in your silence
i hear your speech
you advise with no preach
when i was sick
you brought me candies
along with the meds i didn't want to take
and you took me out for a rambling break
in the evening silent street
mom was yelling
but you said we are chilling!
we laugh a lot
I got you at first shot!
you clapped at my first word
only a big hug then you could afford
you brought me my first book
through your eyes i used to look
to the world of art and melodies
friends and values and winning strategies
books reviews when i was twelve
poetry awards on your desk shelves
card games
political flames
you taught me life never gives
and i should learn to make it on my own
i saw your tears on my success
reached for your hand when i almost failed
and you were there when everyone bailed
even when you sometimes screw up
for you i always stood up
i don't want to see you sad
for we are only humans dad!
always by my side you are
no matter how far is our star
we both link
with a blink
they say you and i are so much alike
you taught me how a word of honor can strike
soccer fanatics
raw and dramatic
loud and fun
we both shine
my hero of all times
one day is never enough
to tell you how much lucky i am
to be a daughter that carries your name
i still feel you late at night
on your toes when i turn off the light
checking if i have covers on
kissing my forehead i feel your turn
as normally you stumble in that wooden photo frame
of a little girl holding her superhero's hands and walking along.


Wild Rose said...

Very sweet dedication to your dad :)

Desert Rose said...

yeah,and he deserves it and more..:)

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