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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Your Aphrodite..

Reaching the pantheon
feel me around flesh and bone
inviting you to our tale
the one where only us prevail
inscribed on the shrines of the Acropolis
recited in the hymns of the kermaikos
from the aphros i emerged
aroused in your presence
identified in your essence
as Hathor and venus
I grew from your immortal flesh
floating in on my scallop shell
so much for you i have to tell
my dolphins ride me to where you are
and on my doves you will come from afar

my spartan hero
marching within my soul
you just deserve to have my all
in our cave on top of the mountain
will wait for you and lit my candle
put on my beauty divine and insane
just for you i would erupt my hurricane
switch your buttons of infinite lust
open your gates for my desirable blast
come now my tyrant spartan

save my moans
longing for your touch
shake my bones
rise with me higher and much
be my Aphrodisiac spell
speak my name and break my shell
all my secrets you can tell
you are my heaven dipped in hell
you are mine
mortal and divine

I will be the grapes of your vine
squeeze me into your glass of wine
I am your goddess and your queen
for others i will always be unseen
will just appear
for your passionate spear
join me in our cave
let our lust swirl and crave
be my Horus
of all times
be my Ares
commit all crimes
and in my law
you are forgiven
for in my show
nothing for you is forbidden
create your myth
in my womb
reincarnate me with every breath
seed my roses for your bloom
I am your wish that is coming true
I blow your name out of my blue
cry me louder
let the mountain quiver
fly your laughter
for my throne to shiver
rewrite our odyssey with your fingertips on my skin papyri of joy.


Wild Rose said...

"save my moans,
longing for your touch,
shake my our odyssey in your fingertips on my skin..." That says it all for me :)

Love u too~
Wild Rose~

Desert Rose said...

thank you sweetheart..loved reading you..that poem is special to me..muah xoxo

Someone Is Special said...

OMG... What a poem Desert Rose.. I am unlucky, I have to say this, reason is How i missed your blog till today.. Wonderful blog design, very romantic and the words you penned down make me say Aww... Wow........ and all.............

From this moment I am following your blog.. Sure this year I will explore your blog more..

Wish you a very happy New Year 2011..

Mine is here, Merry Christmas

--Someone is Special--

Jingle said...

fabulous treat..
what a joy to see you in.
Happy New Year!
love everything you do here.


Timoteo said...

Oh, the passion! (Nice bondage video.)

Eric Alder said...

Wonderful words, powerfully passionate, surging and sultry.

Anonymous said...

What a great piece! WOW! So much passion and emotion here. Bravo!

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