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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Best friends...

On the 25th of February night
we met through his light
like two scented candles
of hope
we shined with love
like a sparkling stars we rose above
we shared the laughter
and the tears
leaned on each other
throughout the fears
sometimes strong
sometimes weak
sticking together
always felt better
around in our absence
present even in silence
our hearts knew where to hide
within each other we enjoyed the ride
laughing at our silly jokes
pulling each others legs
when our demons stroke
sailing in one eternal boat
sharing our lives warm raincoat
not enough words are there to tell
how brave you were to break my shell
for you i recite my little prayer
every single night
that you always shine as bright
to make our lives journey
one everlasting story of fate
that the whole world would commemorate
as the sweetest legend of unconditional faith.

This one is a special dedication to my soul mate,the one who helped me out to believe that we can always make our world a better place with love.

My soulmate responds :)) In Response!)

Love you darling,and i loved your sweet response may God keep us always soul mates :)


Maha said...

a Beautiful poem. it's so great to have someone by your side.

Desert Rose said...

Indeed Maha..nothing is more great then that.thank you for your words.

Wild Rose said...

Your soul-mate says...,

Blue turns to purple when all the red is added.
Nights are only dark when all the lights aren’t yellow.
Could it be true?
I met you,
And now we were two?
No! Scrap that..we made three,
You my moon and him my sun.

It may sound strange but it’s so perfect,
My cup only half full, without you.
So go your own way and do what you do,
but half of me follows you there with half of you.

So when I slide, you slide,
When you glide, we glide
With pride and dignity, we walk with our heads held high
Our hearts set ablaze, our minds flying.
Our days halcyon never seem slow,
Despite occasional steep plateaus,
It’s your beauty and beautiful words that fall upon my ears each night.

Talking and giggling, together as comfortable as never before,
Our lives merged and blended,
Our songs matching a crescendo,
Stronger as a force, working to overcome the others’ past.

Peering through the looking glass one day,
our future was unknown, partners without a face.
You were drown to me,
I as equally followed your scented whiff,
running across wildflowers in our wilderness,
We bounced through space and time.
Our laughter uncontrolled, our bond unmatchable,
The confused crowd before see us biased,
Perception, unlike matching gloves,

But we raised our wings,
like two glowing doves sealed by Hera and Eros
our time ticking as three mounted clocks,
in response to one another like a music box.

Thank you for your amazing love my soul-mate, you're my pearl...LY~

Lots of love,

Desert Rose said...

what can i say..all touched with ur sweet response you!

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