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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Too much
in your silence
Too much
in my darkness
Too much
in your dust
Too much
in my lust
Too much
in your solitude
Too much
is my attitude
Too much
of us
in two letters
Too much to ask
of some shivers
Too much sugar
in your greet
Too much bitter
is your sweet
Too much in
for one way out
Too much within
for us to be without
Too much
of my everything
into much
of your nothing
Too much
of you
is too much
in me
in my own fantasy
too much
of me
fill in
all your ecstasy
too much more of you
drips in all of me
like the seasonal grooving monsoon.


Kay said...

too much of a good thing, could it ever be enough?

Desert Rose said...

never enough Kay..never enough..


absolutely riveting, desert rose! magnificent and i loved every word - and you are so right, too much of a good thing never ever enough! never!

Anonymous said...

OK. first of all, you are one of the most spontaneous and raw-sounding poet I have ever encountered, and believe me, I've had a bunch of poets shoving their works down my throat these days but yours are definitely something I'd love to come back to everyday. and i mean that with all sincerity. and the only reason why i haven't been back here in your blog since the last time and had to wait for you to post a comment on mine before finding you again is because i don't know how to subscribe to blogspot. you are just like me (i hope that doesn't sound too arrogant - i'll say i'm so much like you); we write "poetry of the moment". and that's the best poetry in my opinion. your piece here is amazing because it is raw and spontaneous, and because it is you. i love the way your mind worked on this one! you vulnerable yet so eloquent. if you can teach me how to subscribe to this blog please email me at

Desert Rose said...

HOLY Sh**t..hahaaa even I DIDN'T KNOW how to subscribe to your blog..and thats why i kept it on a bookmark so that i keep coming back to it everyday..and believe me I DO! I am really so humbled with your touching words Iris..and you know,i feel you cos even i get across many poets who are trying but rarely get touched the way your poetry does to me. and if i ever dare to call myself a poet,i will be more rejoicing being one who has impressed you!
you are right tho,i write raw,spontaneous just who i am and it comes out of my heart,to reach the heartfelt people who feel it more then just read..:)
there is no way i can find words to thank you enough A BIG HUG for now :)

Desert Rose said...

dear Gypsy,thank you so much for your lovely comment..:) keep them coming ;)

Anonymous said...

you can subscribe to my blog by clicking the subscribe button at the right column. then it will email you every time something new has been posted. but bookmarking works too. since i'm practically posting everyday. LOL. i will bookmark yours from now on so i don't lose it. =)

Desert Rose said...

it finally worked! i am following your blog now Iris,so your updates come to my home page when i log in to blogger..that is great! and yeah i subscribed by E-mails looking forward to reading more of you SIS :)

Vibhuti B said...

WOW Desert Rose,
it will definitely not be too much to say that you are too much of a good poet!
I am floored by this freely flowing piece. A good thought in each word.

Kavita said...

Whhooaaa!! TOO MUCH!!!! There certainly is no such thing as 'too much love'...
Too much riveting
To drift away
Too much sensuous
To keep my eyes away..

This is how I can describe this AMAZING poem, Desert Rose!! You rock!!
"Too much
of us
in two letters" -- LOVED these lines the most!!!!! xoxoxox

TALON said...

Too much? Nope - just perfect! Loved this poem, Desert Rose. It's beautiful.

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