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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Italian Espresso...

I started the day with steaming espresso
fresh cornetto at cafe Gambrinus
elegant mingle
royals yet single
talking mirrors
in chandliered rooms
ancient fresco
and modern soul
its an exotic ball
of minds purchase
not even my case
so i walk
observing folk
the noisy pedisternized
via Toledo shop-lined
took some pictures
bought some souvenirs
three mosquaters
and an unfinished tale
on piazza Montestanto
te amo piu y tanto
they told me to take the cable car
I did,why are you always that far?
on my way to Certosa di San Martino
is how i felt
too much in my quilt
I walked then for another sight
your feet were here
you must took the way to the right
have you seen the chapel of the Alchemist?
they said its a must visit
sloping in my thoughts i did it
on my way back
I stopped at el museo del madre
molto sonni molto sangre
terracotta traditionale
second hand bookstores
on the via de tribunali
got myself a few
one rose that was blue
so is it true?
I asked the rose
as i caressed the basalt street
i had to get closer to the sea
somewhere to be closer to me
took off my sandals
and dipped my feet in the sand
towards the sea i stretched my hand
felt you near
may be your feet brought you here
the breeze splashed my grace
warm tears i erased off my face
as i was waving to a large Mediterranean cruiser
in case you are waving back on your farewell to Naples
its only so that Naples should be waving back.


Anonymous said...

what a poem!˚͜˚ Really wonderful .♥ . I felt every word of it espicially :""dipped my feet in the sand
towards the sea i stretched my hand
felt you near may be your feet brought you here"
woow I have the same feeling in front of the sea..awesome bby
keep it up pepo ◜◔_◔◝

Desert Rose said...

thank you so much ya having you around..:)

Wild Rose said...

Love coined in Italy is indescribable...lovely words and beautiful imagery soulmate :)

Jingle said...

your opening drew me in instantly,
well done poetry.
keep it up.....


Jingle said...

Award/Treats 4 Poetic Friends of Jingle, Happy Thursday!

thanks for the support,
see you on Sunday 8pm, best wishes.

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