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Friday, June 4, 2010

First Edition..

Read me
when i have nothing to say
Write me
as your sheltered harbor quay
Spell me
on the corner of your lip as "mine"
Draft me
in your heart as an unfinished line
Type me
in your caps and lows as your dangerous trigger
Save me
within your arms as "all yours forever"
Insert me
Into your wisdom verses in full insanity
Display me
along with your random thoughts for more clarity
shift me
To you when i miss you that much and you are never that far
control me
then, and pull my strings closer to where you are
find me
on your list of untamed desires
Scroll me
riding my dreams on your magical wires
Tab me
as your private guilty pleasure
pause me
on your page as your science-fictional measure
escape within me
from your noisy silence
Bookmark me
as your own homepage of resistance
turn all your speakers on
and tune me in as your theatrical microphone
when you sing me
as your lyrics of old times
restart your system when our moment comes
for i would hibernate mine just to start with yours,
Edited and all ready to be your lifetime publication.


Wild Rose said...

The first edition when i have nothing to say, but i have a lot to feel so just bookmark me and i will tell you little by little...sweet little nothings whispered in your ear :))

Anonymous said...

this is an accomplishment, and i hope you know why. the binding theme of the similar beginnings of each thought, and then masterfully loosened by the character-permeated just-out-there metaphors as follow-up, you are a true poet, my sister. not one of those run-of-the-mill ones who fall all over the rules. this is a very graceful but controlled piece.

Desert Rose said...

thank you so much sis..that piece consumed me while writing it..but i tried to use related vocabulary to smell the fresh paint of the first edition..:)
thank you for your being here means A LOT..:)

Desert Rose said...

Ahhh dear deep is your whisper,heard it all the way through everything that has been said withing the nothings..:)

Anonymous said...

"smell the fresh paint" - i'd have to borrow that phrase some time! LOL.

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