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Friday, June 11, 2010

Sweet kitty..

come on sweet kitty
I want you to grow up fast
be strong and join the cast
when you kiss me on the cheek
don't be fragile or weak
these days are mad
everyone is so sad
why aren't they smiling anymore?
even when i make some faces
they used to giggle
now they don't even tickle
why is it suddenly so dark?
when are we going to the park?
time is slow
I miss the snow
but you and i can play
I ll throw the ball for you to sway
we will not make a mess
I just wanted a new dress
but it is okay
will not ask them today
mom is tiered
dad is wired
will tomorrow be like everyday?
I know you love me dear Kitty
I love you more sweet & witty
but we can do it you and me
find a world for us to see
mom said we can
just like Peter pan
will tell you the story
when you finish your plate
and we will sing a song
for all of them to get along
don't be scared my sweet kitty
Our Winnie will always be there
around and everywhere
we shall hide in his hug
won't tell you broke his mug!
don't ever leave me dear kitty
even when sometimes i get silly
and piss you off with a grin
love me more then
why do you miaw?
don't you like my food kitty?
or is it my life that you find tasteless?

This poem is dedicated especially to my sweet angel Zahra, that i am so honored she enjoyed reading from now on, it is yours little one...may Allah bless you with happiness all the way :)


bard said...

Cute! Very sweet and whimsical, with a little twist on the end.

Anonymous said...

I am grateful to you (eros)
do not get tired to read it again and again..
I was crying and laughing at the same time ..
What bliss, I love it, I am really grateful to you
I really would have been happy as cat
but damn ... I'm a man

Desert Rose said...

thank you Bard..cheers!

Wild Rose said...

This is just too sweet, haha..Zahrah read it and said it was her poem couldn't argue with her at all. The fact that it may carry a double meaning makes it even more appealing to all.

We both couldn't stop giggling after reading it and so the tickling resumed you included :-)

Desert Rose said...

Thank you darling,and from now on this would be a special dedication for our DEAREST ZAHRA..officially hers! so i hope she would accept my little gift for she deserves the whole world and it would never be enough :)
a big hug to you my Zahra..LOVE you so much little angel :)

Aunty Beero

Wild Rose said...

Zahrah says thank you very much Aunty Beero :))

Desert Rose said...

give her a bog hug from me mommy! God bless her always with love and happiness AMEN..:)

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