Always on My Mind you baby...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Morning coffee...

what did you do to me?
that i wonder
my peace of mind you plunder
legalized and patented
lovingly intended
thoughts on fire
after my morning shower
jumping into my blue jeans
my life mask i drop
fitting into your white cotton top
bare feet
what is with the heat!
felt the cold wooden kitchen floor
caressing my pedicured toes
tuned in some blues
fixed my strong coffee
eyelids look so puffy
checked my face in the kitchen window
after the rain we must see a rainbow
running my hands in my wet hair
in a faraway stare
I feel you everywhere
how was your flight?
hope they treat you right
first class,top VIP
authenticated royalty
those pumping nerves
yes,you like my curves
I thought while checking that extra pound
still i feel you around
when will you be back?
like a broken track
I sounded redundant
one more hazelnut chocolate
melted on my lips
as i reviewed your diet tips
a wicked smile tingled
all my moods you handled
with impressive patience
and even in your silence,
i heard your whispers
did i say that that i miss you?
wrapping my fingers around that mug
sending you the tightest hug
as i open the kitchen door
to embrace your figure in the morning mirage.


Kay said...

coffee never tasted so good :)

Anonymous said...

Jaanu, missed u

Anonymous said...

Now this is my kind of poem! Anything with metaphors of coffee, city and nights, I fall all over myself. LOL. I hope someday somebody puts together an anthology of poems with just coffee imagery in them. Haha. Check this one out, it kinda has the same feel and flow as yours.

Desert Rose said...

read it Iris and yeah it is rhyming on the same blend..:)

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