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Friday, April 9, 2010

At first sight...

First beats
at a sudden glimpse
first shivering
with the whole body length
first trembled eyes
trying to hide away
first wondering whys
paving for the doubts a way
first shaking hands
on a tuning around bands
first shy look
first red rose in a book
first bold thoughts
wrapped in the wise madness
first crazy dream
told by two
first chocolate cream
too sweet to be true
rushing steps in linger
first shaking whisper
a heated sigh
an exhausted try
a savage dare
first pushed buttons aware
first meeting of the eye
enchanting a silent cry
first sigh before a phone call
first all night bed roll
untamed anxiety
storming tranquility
on the first date
a wild game of fate
holding hands on the road
no matter how long or odd
there will always be only one first you
and in your heart i shall beat like a worn out beginning.


stairway to heaven said...

Dedicated to a special friend who inspired it..:)sometimes we can also thank the beautiful moments that comes along within the gray shades of life.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rocket Queen,

I know it is supposedly a joyful verse, but I can feel the grief behind it.

In defense of person with “grey shades” – please pardon.

People are not evil circumstances are.

Look at positive side– if you never met the person, never expressed love, that means you never ever have to break up from the person.

Insha’Allah in a little while, I will see an epic verse from you with caption – A NEW BEGINNING. That day I will be the happiest person.

Attitude OD

PS: I am sure other people who will be reading this must think I am nuts. Well who gives a damn?

PS: well even if it was dedicated to some else - again who gives a F&%$?

stairway to heaven said...

Dear attitude OD,
sometimes very dear moments keep hanging there with all its sweet n sauer ,life is the longest charade that we are trying foolishly to resolve,when it is simply meant to remain this ANONYMOUS..and its charm lies in our desperate attempts to justify our painful mistakes.
memories of these first beginnings are leading the road always for more beautiful ones ahead.
but it still hurts ,like a silky sharp knife laying in A Bed of Roses..:)
PS. heart breaks are the easiest part of it,it is the residing longing that you can worry about..:)

LarvK said...

Dear Poet,

My words may not be enough to ease your grief but nonetheless i will at least confirm that am riding alongside you in that very boat with the very same person. How then can i tell you not to feel for this longing even if its just to save you the heartache? That will be tearing myself apart inside.

I truly believe that what we long for and desire will one day come to us out of it's own volition. Maybe not today or tomorrow or 10 years from now if we're still alive but it will happen. Call it faith or whatever else you want...

This is my this is the way i love him and always will no matter what anyone else thinks or what he may think..

When the love i feel for him hurts, then I simply love him some more, And when that love hurts some more, then I love him even more, if that love hurts even further, then I love him some more till it hurts no more... I will love him so much no matter what hurt i feel until my love for him will bring the Gods and the heavens to their knees and eventually that love will bring him to me and he will come happily ~:)

I hope this helped you my dear Queen of poems and thus i agree let there be "New Beginnings" with an even stronger love. Only way you can get over that residing longing!!

P:S Hey Anonymous: I don't think you're nuts nor do i worry that this was or wasn't dedicated to you. To me it's dedicated to you and maybe to other people who read it and see themselves in it. After-all a poem is only as good as the person who envisions themselves in it and the poet who lets out his/her emotions on paper or screen!


stairway to heaven said...

you are very beautiful Larvy..rare to find such dedicated love ,i almost lost faith in the word..but whenever i see you ,i believe hope is always rising from the heart of a woman..:)

Mansoor Zia said...

Abeer's standout part of her poetry is contradiction or melding two unimaginable emotions.
It's all inside us, Love/Happiness/Sadness/Anger, it's all here. Love always, no matter what, no matter if someone will come back or not and ironically they don't come because they were never yours, but you have to go on. Love what you do, do what you love.

Keep on flowing the nonchalant whispers Abeer!

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