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Monday, April 5, 2010

Black Coffee and a Cigarette...

He holds his cigarette
like a delightful muse
one old time blues
His hidden treasure
guilty with pleasure
of the unforgiven
She dances in its smoke
like a ravishing stroke
calling for life
cuts like a knife
allowed and forbidden
Holding his black coffee
his eyes sparkled as puffy
warm was his touch
he never says much
but she rises in the steam
like an unfolded dream
that kiss away the pains
when reaching his lips
rushing through his veins
tasted in lustful zips
straight to the yearning heart
they will never be apart
both are spreading arms
inviting their magical charms
holding him close
relieving the burdened claws
of the untamed and wild
sometimes he is their child
yet the master of the ride
they rise in his heart and mind
in their shades he is redefined
they revive in his fingers
daring his craving whispers
whenever he lights a cigarette
he sets free the dancing silhouette
and he breathes his life in the rising steam
whenever he holds his favorite cup of black coffee.


LarvK said...

For a mere 50 sold my dear writer... to this beautiful poem...Thank you again...I have so much to say yet i can't seem to find the words at this very moment...but will be back soon with my thoughts ~

Sumeet Pallav said...

its terms of imagination,dedication and all d love which the poetess has mentioned....the smell of coffee n d smoke of a cigarette,the blend of imagination and creativity..its so natural...hats off dear...

stairway to heaven said...

Thank you Sumeet..this one took me away,i love the dancing silhouette and i feel the warm coffee cup..:)

Anonymous said...

wow!! i love it, My! are you creative, keep writing more, we will love reading them all...
@embele of twitter

LarvK said...

In the cigarette smoke I dance stroking his essence
you rise from the coffee steam calming his pain
both reaching his lips rushing through his veins
straight to his heart as he engulfs us in his whole
his arms spreading holding us closer to him never to be apart
the everlasting
They both untamed both wild both servants to their Master
he rides them soul, heart and mind
They join in his mad, happy fulfilling whispers
Infinitely defined~ -:))


stairway to heaven said...

that was very powerful Larv! you definitely have this ability to sink in the depth of your thoughts and float back with amazing words! i love it..:)

Mansoor Zia said...

What can i say what has not been said, i can somewhat relate to this poem...the beautiful poetess's ravishing imagination.
Hands Down!

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