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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Right or Wrong?

There is a state of life
when you have to make up your mind
to frieze your heart
and steel your soul
to break your chains
and give your all

when you are torn between the right and the wrong
when you are inspired only by one very old song
it feels right..yet very wrong..!

your silent screams can drive you mad
your screaming silence leaves you sad
yourself and you just cant get along
why does it always feel so wrong?

when you are trapped in the circle of fears
and you keep calling but nobody hears
lost voices in the world of deaf
too bright colors in the land of the blind
you feel so weak,yet you act that strong
and still,something feels wrong

It is when you see your chance and close your eyes
and when you know the truth,but you only tell lies
you think you have the will
to hurt,and even kill
but there you are..standing still
losing where you once used to belong
listening to the very dear old song
and as wrong as it should be
It just the only right-wrong.


Surendra Chaplot said...

so true abeer..

whatever we do ..our actions ...our words.. our hand movement..our body language.. it feels everything is being judged..
this world is truly made of posers.. everybody seems a poser.. trying to to hide the truth behind whts right or wrong.
people love being lied to because they dont want to see the hard truth..
but at the end of the day..its the faith that makes everyone have another go at life the next day..
the day we lose faith ... we lose everything..

Sumeet Pallav said...

wat v all used to hide is d bitter truth of life....u have potrayed a real human being hiding d hard facts of lyf....
i know its nt easy to express but its even worse to hide it....
Kudos Abeer

stairway to heaven said...

dear surender..
it has always been so puzzling me,why do we always look for frames to justify our actions or feelings whjen we know rights n wrongs are just outlines we made to suit us or help us find more reasons to judge others if they don't go as we wish. i hope one day we can really be free when we stop judging others according to our own sets of rights n wrongs only feeling they have their own as well,that arecertainly different than ours! yet we still can be able to accept them with love and respect..:)
thanks for your deep comment..would love to read more of you..:)

stairway to heaven said...

dear sumeet..
yes we are hiding,may be scared,ashamed or too frightened to see through our own mirrors the truth. as bitter as it is..usually the bitter sweet lives in us.
thank you for your most appreciated comments my friend..:)

LarvK said...

Dear Abeer,

We're all humans which means we're imperfect and we will judge others wrongly or rightly and vice versa.

Personally, i follow my intuition and facts that support what i perceive as right or wrong to make judgments about everything in life. And i have so far realized that my intuitions are always right so what you feel and belief the first time around, keep that feeling.

Pain, love, trying to seem stronger than we're is all part of the disguise we have to live with daily..part of life~


stairway to heaven said...

dear larvy..
you are right..i try to follow my intuition most of the time,i m never wrong about heart feels more then my reason..i don't mind stabs cos they are part of the real life vision.
we are only humans when we are that beautifully imperfect..:)

Anonymous said...

Great poem. The opening lines are very truthful, and motivating.

"There is a state of life/
when you have to make up your mind/...
to break your chains
and give your all"

The line about a person not being able to get along with their self lends a much deeper meaning to this poem. For other reasons, I really relate to this one. Especially in the line about being "as wrong as it should be." Being unfair in self-judgment can become debilitating in the worst of situations. Sorry for ramble. Great poem.

stairway to heaven said...

Thank you Adam..i knew you would relate well to that one! i personally do too ..:)

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