Always on My Mind you baby...

Saturday, April 17, 2010


In your arms i lay
like a helpless beat i sway
invited to your silence
grooving in your burning breathe
trained to our mess
I confess
drowning in your eyes
seeking my rescue in one kiss
enchained in my madness
I skipped my world to step in yours
open your doors
for one more refugee
within your laughter
I found my shelter
In between your lips
I redefine as your whisper
lost in your grips
soft like a summer breeze
that caresses my skin
heated to freeze
your loosened demons within
my aching desire
eats your pain
bursting my fire
I crave for your rain
you hold my head
to calm these thoughts
only few words you read
may be some wise men quotes
but in my lifetime edition
simply your name flashes as my entitled headline.


LarvK said...

It's very sensual and touching...i feel it... every line.."My aching desire eats your pain..bursting my fire I crave your rain" Oh God this line says everything i want him to feel..He has to!
I love it Abeer~


stairway to heaven said...

he is feeling larvy..what comes from the heart reaches the heart,nothing can ever change that belief in us.fate has its own rules,for once i will follow them cos it is just meant to be our destiny..:)

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