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Friday, April 2, 2010


Dear one
It has been so long
I still play that one last song
shuffled in my head
burning in my bed
like a fading candle
missing you is more to handle
than breathing in my own bubble
longing for your tender cuddle
moaning to my scattered sheets
and the dried rose
wondering in the empty streets
why are you that close?
I still keep your broken glasses
and i still go to your morning classes
holding two cups of your favorite coffee
keeping you a place by my side
driving your memories in a long ride
you forgot to take your laundry
I don't know why are they in a box
I even bought you new pair of socks
everything is the same since you left
I even received your latest gift
why do they cry when they see me walk in?
I know you will be back to kiss my chin
and if your car crashed
I will get you another one
I just wonder why you took away the sun?
they told me you went to heaven
I said
he did!
and i got dressed waiting for you
wearing your all times sweater
and sinking in my everlasting solitude.
yours forever

sealed with love and found in the drawer.


Anonymous said...

Came, read, shed tears with every word, gone because staying longer would have caused even bigger ache.
you deserve much better.
I am no angel, but will say a little prayer for you everyday.

stairway to heaven said...

thank you..i felt every word you said..

LarvK said...

I think anonymous took the words out of my mouth...No more pain and lots of prayers for you. Yes...he's human like we're but an irresistible one...What can we do?

stairway to heaven said...

just HOLD ON..larvy..:)

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