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Saturday, April 10, 2010

With My Puppets...

You know it when it happens
It strikes with a sharpened arrow
as i tightly hug my pillow
I rewind that short filmstrip
totally identified in the faraway trip
to some innocent laughs
symbolic nonsense graphs
dance in the restless mind arena
like a spell that is meant to be a dilemma
and i look up to my teddy
do you miss him already?
even the thoughts rebel
when i fake this strength hell
"there is nothing to tell"
as i reply to my doll Anabelle
she crossed her hands
raising her eyebrows
"I feel you,it shows!"
I try to hide in my butterflies gown
head is so up when the heart is melting down
and when winnie came in to join
I was throwing my nickle coin
he cuddled my cheeks
tenderly speaks
"set your spirit free
it was just meant to be
let his tunes play in your heart
be his all times hitting chart
rest in his arms when he has nothing to give
break in his silence when he screams to forgive
let it live
for you are not a killer
he will always be the everlasting dweller
his absence on your sheets
is reviving in your beats
you do not have to explain
this is how sweet it is your pain"
O dear Winnie you know so much!
he held me tight with a furry touch
closed my eyes with no tears tonight
opening my gates for the fearless Knight
running away to me like an immigrant with illegal papers.


Maha said...

Innocent love!
WHen the thought of the beloved invades the mind, all the other thoughts are shoved out. there's just no use of hiding it when it eats you up inside. I totally love it!

stairway to heaven said...

true was like running a long race trying to win the nothing,then suddenly u realize u are running u already won it all ..:) only puppets can be as wise i guess..:)

Mansoor Zia said...

a wise man once said those who don't speak, know it all.

stairway to heaven said...

very true Mansoor..they do feel it all too..:)

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