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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The last straw...

Kill it if you can
burn it into ashes
fight it like a man
just destroy the temple
erase these memories
how are they fed ?
you did once said
sweet tastes bitter
defeat is for the better
the brave warrior is just inspired
standing still,even when tiered
one more sign
on the front line
fear is fearing his guts
fighting his own whys and buts
the killing tool is ready
waiting for the sign
one more bullet to go
one more last straw
shooting away the star
leaving an eternal scar
it is not dead
alive in the head
shots revive it
so if you really want to kill it
live it
and it will destroy the temple
without the guts of the warrior
and the tears of the admirer
smashing all your regrets like a savage hurricane.


LarvK said...

Yes no more last straws..i love it and please without saying much today do come out of that shell...He has you and he has me and he's happy for that just look a little deeper. No longer regretting he's now picking up the pieces and moving on. Be impressed by the sun, it has risen and it's a new day...Fresh beginning together always!

Maha said...

I gave you an ward, come and check it out!

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