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Monday, April 26, 2010

waiting list

What a long list
names strike me like a hardened fist
cheering quotes
forbidden emotions
drowning boats
fighting your mightiest cautions
too many letters mixed with hopes
much more wishes tied with satin ropes
smiles dipped in longing moans
an inundated screen with laughter loans
anxious anticipations
waiting for survival
a hell of expectations
living the illusionist rival
all ready to press this confusion button
watching your million faces
living you in their own places
you are their all and nothing
you give them what you can't have
always missing the core of the graph
you may see your beast in their eyes
may be you already created a monster
one that can hear your whining whisper
nobody knows when your heart dies
the loner is attracted to the wireless magnet
in the field of emotions there is no budget
as i watch the lines jumping in despair
the feelings are naked only your name they wear
and i stare
i can still see your mask of the day
stronger it becomes,when you are away
the more you hide
you simply collide
who will make it top of this quest?
where am i on your madness list..?
why do i care
if you noticed me smiling and touching my hair
looking at you
in fulfilling view
i can be somewhere around your fingers to press
only if you dare to confess
how much you get scared watching this instantly growing waiting list.


tofyta said...

sad poam and Touching the heart.. i love it,.. the first thing come to my mind when reading it is our khan ,, excellent pepo..keep it up

stairway to heaven said...

thanks ya tofy,you know he is my inspiration,sometimes words of poetry can tell much more in a sigh than all the sweet talk of the burdened silence.

Anonymous said...

"nobody knows when your heart dies"
well-written poem; the above line sticks with me uncomfortably as some truthful words tend to do.

LarvK said...

Dear Soul-mate,

Looming in the shadows as you wait, what a longing for the forbidden but this is not within our control. We simply can't turn it off when it suits us because we don't have that power to, he does. He is our all and then nothing...the monsters he has created in us taunt us and haunt us.

Sometimes he hits the mark on the graph and other times he misses but if only to reveal what is under the mask dare he take it off and really look the distance, he will be swallowed whole. What he will see with his eyes and accept consequently within his soul will overwhelm him but bring him the paradise he could never buy..

Dare he remove the mask and touch with his eyes...

The list may grow but those are simply numbers on a graph, his true being is born within us and all he has to do is remove the mask and grab what belongs to him alone forever..

Just press the button baby..only yours two for less the price. The cost, just your smile.

Will you dare to confess?

Lotsa Love~

stairway to heaven said...

YOU left me speechless!you sure have a way with words dear soul mate..:)

Anonymous said...

you know my e-mail, if you are the man whom I am waiting, you know my mail.
write me email.
If you do not write, or I do not get a letter
means then we simply made a mistake ..
We both those that are hopelessly in love,
but we are not the same
about whom we think..
i'm so sorry

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